It’s that time of year again. Halloween brings out the best — and worst — in all of us. Many costume ideas and characters are trending in today’s news. Here, as always, to help with your decisions, we bring you the … 

Top 10 Do and Don’t Halloween Costumes for 2021 

10. Do: Squid Game tracksuit #001. 

      Don’t: Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala tracksuit  

9. Do: Ted Lasso  

     Don’t: Ted Bundy 

8. Do: Bernie Sanders in mittens 

    Don’t: Bernie Madoff in mittens 

7. Do: John Legend

    Don’t: Jon Gruden  

6. Do: Gus the half-deer-kid from Sweet Tooth

   Don’t: Wear this costume around your deer-hunting buddies.  

5. Do: Lebron James from Space Jam

     Don’t: Lebron James from the 2020 Playoffs 

4. Do: House of Gucci “Patrizia Reggiani”

    Don’t: House of Uh Oh “Steve Bannon” 

3. Do: Robert Pattinson (Batman)

    Don’t: Robert Durst (POS) 

2. Do: William Shatner in space

    Don’t: The phallic-shaped Blue Origin rocket that took him to space. 

1. Do: Megan Fox at 2021 MTV Music Awards 

    Don’t: Ruin the moment by standing with Machine Gun Kelly.

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