Marathon residents can join the Marathon City Council workshop on Tuesday, March 28 to learn more about the logistics and cost savings of going solar. CONTRIBUTED

Solar United Neighbors (SUN) are set to make a presentation regarding an ongoing local initiative to promote sustainable energy in the Florida Keys. SUN will present a program at the Marathon City Council workshop on Tuesday, March 28 at 4:30 p.m. at City Hall.  

Local homeowners and small business owners are invited to learn about the power and savings from going solar together.  

SUN was formed in 2007 to organize neighbors and hire a single company to install solar systems. The bulk pricing results in a discount, while individuals still create a personalized plan for their own homes. 

There is no cost to join, and no obligation to install a solar system — however, many join just to learn more about the industry and the costs associated with installing solar. Once a local group is formed, residents issue a competitive bid for installers and hire one company to handle the installation for all.   As of Feb. 14, 88 locals have joined the Florida Keys 2023 group. More information is at