What do you enjoy about being on the tennis team? I enjoy getting to grow as a player. Every year my skills increase. I really enjoy when new people join the team as well. Many think it’s going to be boring and so they won’t even try it, but after joining, they realize how much fun it really is.

How long have you been playing on the team? I have been playing tennis at MHS since the sixth grade, but I have been learning the game of tennis since I was only 6 years old. I’ve always been really into playing sports. 

Describe one of your best moments in athletics. Tennis is an individual sport; it’s something that you can rely on only yourself for. My best moments are with my teammates in practice, though. This team knows how to bring all our own talents into one. We are always out on the court to have a good time.  

Coach Richard says… “What are we out here to do?” The answer is always “have fun.” This is just a good reminder to have a positive mindset. It is very easy to get upset at your failures, but once you fall into that mood, it is difficult to play well, so these words serve an important purpose.

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