COVID-19 wrecked Marathon Marina Resort’s normal holiday festivities — Santa cruising the docks with hot chocolate — like cardboard left out in the rain. (More on that later.) So the resort’s general manager Susan Pritchard dreamed up a contest for school age children: make a boat out of cardboard.

“We’ll announce the winners on our Facebook page,” she said. The stakes are high — the winners will receive a Kindle Fire tablet. “The rules were simple. It had to be made out of cardboard, and it had to be decorated for the holidays. If nothing else, it’s a way for softies like us to get a tablet in the hands of a child.”

Yeah, us too. We love our readers.Marathon Marina has 111 slips, and some of the contestants are liveaboards there right now. It was recently honored at The Docks Expo 2020 and will be featured in the Marina Dock Age magazine as the 2020 U.S. Small Marina of the Year. 


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