Chef Lori Shubert filed for a patent for her remarkable Cupcake Sushi in 2013 and now, four years later, she has it. It is an understatement to say Shubert is thrilled. “How often can you make something completely original and brand new?” said Shubert. Honestly, not that often.

“The second I thought of doing this and then saw the reaction of people, I knew, I just knew I had to patent it.” Shubert, who previously worked as a caterer, business owner and baker in Boston, was challenged to minimize the original cupcake size. Trying to shrink a cupcake into a bite-sized delectable, she thought of people’s love of small bites of sushi and the idea was launched.

The passion she has for her product cannot be put in a measuring cup. Centrally located downtown, she is managing all the business including baking, retail and catering in order to build Cupcake Sushi’s exposure: “I am always listening for opportunities to expand my brand.” Every day is a frenzy of baking and selling Cupcake Sushi to locals, visitors, hosting events, and mailing it world wide.

“It is super important to me to keep Cupcake Sushi a Key West product. It’s like Key West in so many ways.” Shubert loves that Key West isn’t always what it seems, like her sushi, “They both are colorful, mysterious and a little bit confusing.”

Every day Shubert fields the question whether or not her cupcakes have fish in them (a resounding “No!”) but her patent is specific to the appearance of the dessert. Cupcake Sushi is the perfect morsel of buttercream and cake thinly coated in chocolate and bedecked with nuts and flair. And while they look absolutely amazing, Shubert wouldn’t have come this far without them being a taste sensation.

She took first place in 2016 at Masterchef competition. The cupcakes come in 30 different flavors, usually 22 available daily, mixing delicious combinations of Key lime, red velvet, salted caramel with yellow and chocolate cake, ganache, and topped with nuts and decoration.

“Cupcake Sushi suits Key West on so many levels and there is no other place I would rather have this tied to,” said Shubert.

Cupcake Sushi comes in a variety of flavors, in gift boxes and served with chop sticks.

Cupcake Sushi

431 Front Street.

I get to make people happy.” -Lori Shubert, of Cupcake Sushi


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