Guacamole stand offers healthy option

It was an evening in December, as Carson Bennett and Amber Benjamin were cutting up avocados, when an idea sparked. From Amber’s family history of healthy eating, and Carson’s love of snacks, the two decided to open a guacamole stand. Guaca-Go was born.

“I’ve always come up with ideas, but this time we felt we were on to something,” said Bennett. “It’s difficult to find something to eat that is quick, easy, cheap and healthy. We felt this idea was a good middle ground.”

The ingredients they choose for their guacamole are purchased from local farmer’s markets. After a bit of experimentation, the two decided on using ingredients not typically found in other traditional guacamoles.

Some of their more unusual ingredients include serrano peppers, garlic, cabbage, orange bell peppers, coconut oil, and secret spices. After mashing the ingredients together, they put the fresh guacamole back into the original avocado skin, which doubles as a bowl. Served with a bag of fresh tortilla chips, the “guac” can go anywhere.

“The fun part about our guacamole is that it really sells itself. People see others carrying it around and they’re definitely intrigued,” said Benjamin.

“Before we knew it, we had folks showing up with Tupperware and buying  4 or 5 at once so they can eat it throughout the week,” said Bennett.

Brad De Chantal, of Florida Bay Outfitters, had plenty to say about his new favorite snack.

“The fresh taste is fantastic, and you can modify it to suit your liking. The presentation is clever and it’s a healthy affordable option. It’s perfect after you’ve been on the water all day, and goes great with a beer,” said De Chantal.

Half a skin goes for $6, while a whole is $10. If you’re wondering what Guaca-Go does with all the avocado pits they are left with, you’d be surprised to know that they have started growing their own avocado trees with the goal of self-sustainability.

The budding entrepreneurs say they have always enjoyed challenge and being creative. While working as traveling tour guides, the two paired up, adapted to each other’s style, and guided 22 people around San Francisco. Since relocating to the Keys last October, their teamwork and creativity has only gotten stronger.

Eventually, the two say they would like to franchise Guaca-Go. They are in the process of re-branding to a new logo and hope to develop a system that is easy to market.

“Were looking to find financial freedom and something that will work long-term. Along with encouraging healthy fast food, we want to partner with more local businesses as well,” said Bennett.

Guaca-Go is located just outside of the Caribbean Club in Key Largo. Though currently at one location, Bennett and Benjamin would like to pop up at public events throughout the Keys, including private parties.

Guaca-Go have made appearances at the Baygrass Bluegrass Festival and Key Largo Boat Show. They are slated to attend the annual Pigeon Key Art Festival in Marathon.

Visit to stay up to date with Guaca-Go or to book for private functions.

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