Few authors are more beloved than Jane Austen, the English novelist who dared to explore the dependence of women on marriage in the early 19th century. Revisit an old favorite or check out modern retellings — these witty, compelling reads capture the hearts and minds of women everywhere.


Sense and Sensibility

Anonymously published in 1811, Austen’s first novel follows the three Dashwood sisters and their recently widowed mother as they find themselves poor by rules of inheritance. While Elinor quietly falls in love with a sensible match, the emotional Marianne proclaims her passion for the dashing unsuitable John Willoughby. Through their opposing temperaments towards love, the sisters yearn for happiness in a society where status and money prevail.

Ladies of the House
By Lauren Edmonson

Eldest daughter of a senator, Daisy Richardson does her best to manage the maze of Washington politics. She and her feisty sister Wallis have spent their lives dutifully shaking hands and smiling. Their mother Cricket, masterful dinner host, expects them to maintain their social standing at all times. When their father dies in the arms of his mistress, sorrow quickly turns to media scandal. Daisy clings to her friend (secret crush) Atlas. As a journalist, he is determined to get the dirt while protecting Daisy. These women must join forces to save their family and their futures.



Enchanting, clever and overly self confident, Emma Woodhouse is a restless young woman in the fictional little town of Highbury. After her governess marries she is left on her own. In this satire of social class, marriage, wealth and the loneliness of growing up, Emma survives a journey of misguided mismatches and romantic mishaps to finally learn that love was right in front of her all along.

If I Could Write A Book
By Karen M. Cox

Set in horse country Kentucky, Emma leaves her small women’s college to return home and care for her father after his stroke. Her sister is married with small children and her aunt has sacrificed her young life caring for Emma’s family. It is up to Emma to fill the place in their family home and community. Beautiful, smart and loved by all, this sweet mini saga turns romance when George Knightley, the most eligible bachelor in town watches Emma grow into the woman he always dreamed she’d become. Emma remake with a charming southern drawl.


Pride & Prejudice

In the distinguished Bennet household live five lovely daughters. There is one misfortune, no son. Hence, no heir. Mrs. Bennet is desperate to marry her daughters and secure their family’s financial future. The Bennet’s lives are turned upside down as they proceed through the busy season of balls, teas and social gatherings. Everything changes when the wealthy Mr. Bingley arrives, followed by his best friend Mr. Darcy. As this tale of love and values unfolds during class conscious 18th century England, the girls must learn the tricky art of following their hearts.

By Soniah Kamal

When Bark Binat falls out of his brother’s graces, this wealthy Pakistani family loses everything. He moves his wife and five daughters to the town of Dilipabad. Jena and Alys, the eldest sisters, teach English Literature at the British School and mother spends every waking moment trying to find them husbands. When they are invited to the biggest wedding of the year, she convinces the girls this is their last chance for marriage. In Pakistani culture, where marriage and position are the highest priority, this well-loved classic merges past and present, laughing all the way to the altar.



Living with her pretentious family on the edge of bankruptcy, Anne Elliott is a 27-year-old woman who abandoned her one true love. When the handsome Frederick and Anne were engaged, she was sadly persuaded by friends and family to end that relationship due to his social class — or lack thereof. Living with that regret, the two fortuitously meet again eight years later. Still single, they cannot deny their intense chemistry remains intact. An intimate portrait of a woman considered past her prime may have a second chance at happiness.

By the Book
By Julia Sonneborn

Anne Corey, an English professor at a small prestigious college in California will do whatever it takes to receive tenure. Currently on track and determined to get her book published, Anne’s plan begins to unravel when her devastatingly handsome ex-fiance (first love) Adam Martinez shows up as the new college president. Preoccupied with her ailing father, obnoxious, overbearing sister and the new (very sexy) writer-in-residence, Anne has to work hard to remain focused and stay out of trouble. This remake has plenty of twists to keep you wondering if Anne will end up with her true love.