Fifty-two students at Coral Shores High School have earned AP Scholar Awards in recognition of their exceptional achievement on the college-level Advanced Placement Program® (AP®) Exams.

The College Board’s Advanced Placement Program offers students the opportunity to take rigorous college-level courses while still in high school, and to earn college credit, advanced placement, or both for successful performance on the AP Exams. About 22 percent of the 2.2 million students worldwide who took AP Exams performed at a sufficiently high level to merit the recognition of AP Scholar.

The College Board recognizes several levels of achievement based on students’ performance on AP exams.

At Coral Shores High School:

Isabella Garcia, a 2014 graduate, qualified for the National AP Scholar Award by earning an average score of at least 4 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 4 or higher on eight or more of these exams. Isabella is attending Johns Hopkins University.

Twelve students qualified for the AP Scholar with Distinction Award by earning an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams. These students are Phillip Atkin, Rachael Britton, Alfred Comeforo, Makayla Cuppett(UCF ), Isabella Garcia( JHU), Carla Gonzalez, Brooklyn Irwin, Ashlyn Marcinak, Sierra Ohrmundt( TCU), Aaron Stack, Lars Vihlen(TAMU ), and Kelsea Volland.

Twelve students qualified for the AP Scholar with Honor Award by earning an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams. These students are Caitlin Cox, Cresencia del Pino, Robert Forristall( FSU), Kelly Herd, Emily Hill, Melissa Hutchison, Sydney McPeak(UA ), Jacob Niedbalski(UCF ), Kyle Peel, Maria Peña, Noelle Perry, and Gabriel Smith(SU).

Twenty-eight students qualified for the AP Scholar Award by completing three or more AP Examinations with scores of 3 or higher. The AP Scholars are Jake Beaty(FSU ), Connor Bell(FKCC ), Jared Bernstein(UF), Chloe Butler(UF ), Jessica Butler, Cassidy Camp(FSU ), Brian Cash, Ryne Danzig, Katharine Hamer(UF) Amber Hanson(FSU), Kyia Herlth, Andrew Jones(FSU ), Maria Lozada(UF ) , Kelly Anne MacCombie(FSU ), Isis Majeska, Francisco Moc, Cara Mohr, Jesus Mora, Sean O’Neill, Alicia Ornelas-Perez, Joseph Panse(FPU ), Paul Pauchey, Jill Preihs(AU ), Camilla Roa(FAU ), Chloe Stokes, Ivy Summers(CG ), Emily Tagliareni, and Hannah Vinney.

Through 37 different college-level courses and exams, AP provides motivated and academically prepared students with the opportunity to earn college credit or advanced placement and stand out in the college admissions process. Each exam is developed by a committee of college and university faculty and AP teachers, ensuring that exams are aligned with the same high standards expected by college faculty at some of the nation’s leading liberal arts and research institutions. More than 3,800 colleges and universities annually receive AP scores. Most four-year colleges in the United States provide credit and/or advanced placement for qualifying exam scores. Research consistently shows that AP students who score a 3 or higher on AP exams (based on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest) typically experience greater academic success in college and higher college graduation rates than students who do not participate in AP.

  2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
National AP Scholar 0 0 0 1 5 1 1
AP Scholar of Distinction 0 8 3 8 9 12 12
AP Scholar with Honor 1 5 5 8 12 9 12
AP Scholar 7 11 14 22 28 17 28
Total 8 24 22 39 54 39 52


Historical data shows performance of Coral Shores High School students since 2008. We expect the number of students taking AP courses and their performance to continue to grow with the implementation of the Pre-AP program Springboard in English language arts, and the addition of Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) strategies in many courses. Both of these programs are designed to increase school wide learning and performance to prepare for college readiness.

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