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Monroe County Circuit Judge Luis Garcia paves the way

On April 1st, Key West residents Aaron Huntsman and William Lee Jones sued Monroe County Clerk Amy Heavilin over their right to get married, and today Judge Luis Garcia ruled that the ban was unconstitutional.

“Today’s court ruling in Florida is further proof that America is ready for marriage equality nationwide,” said Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Legal Director Sarah Warbelow.  “Unfortunately, same-sex couples in a majority of states still don’t have the right to marry, creating a confusing patchwork of marriage laws across the country.  This is not only unsustainable, but it’s also unconstitutional.”

There are currently over 70 cases challenging discriminatory marriage bans in 30 of the 31 states where same-sex marriage is illegal.

According to ABC News / Washington Post, 77 percent of adults under age 30 favor marriage equality.  Forty percent of Republicans – an all-time high and jump of 16 points in under two years – now support marriage for gay and lesbian couples, while the number of Catholics supporting marriage has grown to 62 percent, according to the New York Times.  These numbers continue to grow, and have shown no signs of slowing.

Learn more about this and other marriage equality cases at www.americansformarriageequality.org.

The ruling has been stayed until Tuesday, July 22. That means the courthouse steps should be packed the following day, giving the Clerk of the Court staff time to prepare.

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