Who needs to put on "party pants" when you're wearing a duck?
Who needs to put on “party pants” when you’re wearing a duck?

• Inflatable Duck – Nothing says, “I came to party, but I’m also practical and want to just float, and not swim,” quite like the inflatable duck.

• Coozie – Remember that trip you took to Key West, and you miighhht have had a few too many, but your friends watched out for you and made sure your drink stayed cold with a coozie from that totally awesome random bar that you started dancing on? Yeah, that one. She’s a keeper.

• Carabiner – This $2 or less purchase from your local hardware store is a lifesaver. Attach your keys to it, and loop the carabiner to your shorts/ cut offs/ applicable belt/loop hole. Your keys will now stay with you as long as your pants stay on. (No judgment if they don’t, but please have a plan B.)

• Additional solo cups – Solo cups are a summer staple. For shots, beer, wine, when the solos get broken out, everyone is ready for a good time. Why not be the good friend and come prepared with your own stock?

–FYI, the lines on the inside of the cup serve as measurement markings. Top line is for 12 ounce of beer, second line from the bottom indicated 5 ounces for wine, and the ring around the bottom is for 1 ounce of liquor.

—The solo cup can also be used to amplify sound from your phone. Have a portable speaker that runs out of battery? Just put your phone inside a solo cup and louder tunes.  

CHARGEkey - the 2014 version of a lifesaver
CHARGEkey – the 2014 version of a lifesaver

—Solo cups are also the basis for two entertaining pass times — beer pong and flip cup.

• CHARGEKey- CHARGEKey is a portable USB charging cable for the iPhone and Android that fits on your keychain (which remember is attached to your shorts thanks to the carabiner!). This enables you to charge your phone anywhere there is a spare port. Connectivity is a valuable commodity when it comes to summer parties.  Stay charged, my friends.

• Hydroflask – This thermos is incredibly versatile. It keeps water ice cold for 24 hours. Really. Ice can survive up to 24 hours in a properly sealed Hydroflask. It can also keep liquids hot for about 12 hours, handy for coffee swilling on night drives out of the Keys. Plus, it adds the opaque thermos comes in a variety of colors for style and privacy. Seriously, what’s in that Hydroflask?

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