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In most of the continental U.S. summertime means backyard BBQ’s, hanging by the pool and corn on the cob. In the Keys, our habits are a little different — hunting for underwater, edible treasure or bobbing around in crystal blue waters next to the boat. Visitors often marvel, ‘Wow! Every day must be like vacation for you!” and … no. Not really. But during the summer months, locals get a chance to laze, so we asked them …

What will you do on your staycation?

Marathon Mayor Dick Ramsay
Marathon Mayor Dick Ramsay

Marathon Mayor Dick Ramsay said there’s plenty to do on staycation in the Middle Keys. “Go out on the boat, enjoy one of our fabulous restaurants and run the gauntlet of our fine attractions — Pigeon Key, Turtle Hospital, Crane Point and DRC. I can’t wait for that Aquarium to open,” he said. “We are lucky to live here.”

Jerry Kimmel runs Cocoanut Closet at the Habitat for Humanity in the Lower Keys and travels to local spots when she gets a break.

“I really love to go to the ‘horse shoe’ by Bahia Honda Channel. It is really relaxing and full of wildlife. It is best to do it with some drinks and friends,” she said.

John McMahn is a banker at BB&T and has plans to spend time with his family during his staycation in the Florida Keys.

“I plan on doing some boating with my boys, they just got home from college,” said McMahn. “We plan on going to Snipes and Boca Chica Beach to hang out in the sun and relax.”

Marathon Chamber of Commerce CEO Daniel Samess likes to see the dolphins, the turtles and visit the beach, all with the aim to making his kids happy.

“My vision of a staycation is just seeing the joy in my children’s eyes. DRC, Turtle Hospital and Sombrero Beach just light up their eyes and put smiles on their faces.”

Donna Lorenzo lives in the Lower Keys and celebrates her staycation during the fall and spring.

“I like to go stone crabbing during my staycation. Nothing taste better than stone crabs caught and eaten the same day,” said Lorenzo. “They taste best with a nice glass of wine.”

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