The new Rooster Treats snack stand at Simonton and South streets serves soft-serve ice cream and homemade mini donuts. MANDY MILES/Keys Weekly

Have you seen the cute little aqua-colored trailer called Rooster Treats at the corner of Simonton and South streets? More importantly, have you tried its soft-serve ice cream and freshly made mini doughnuts? You should.

The little snack stop is the latest addition to Marc Meisel’s Southwinds Hotel complex and is just across the parking lot from the Tipsy Rooster outdoor bar. 

It offers a perfect morning snack or cooling afternoon refreshment for kids and adults.

The ice cream flavors include chocolate, vanilla (or a twisted combo of both), plus Key lime pie flavor and a non-dairy mango flavor (much creamier than one would expect from something without dairy.)

“My daughter inspired me one day when she and her cousin were looking for soft-serve and said that Duval’s upper end lacked any such ice cream,” Meisel said. “So I went to work and thought that a dessert-type establishment would be a great complement to the success of Tipsy Rooster, that both kids and adults could enjoy. After all, who doesn’t like ice cream?

“However, I did not just want to erect a new bland storefront. The Key West Planning department and board worked with me to create a unique area for all ages to enjoy that was complementary to our surroundings.”

The foundation of the design starts with a replica 1950s French food truck featuring colorful seating situated in sand surrounded by palm trees and lush landscaping. Rooster Treats puts off a fun, relaxing mid-century Key West vibe that flows perfectly with the Southwinds Motel, where Rooster Treats is located.  

But the look of the place is just the start, Meisel said. 

“It’s what we serve that is so special. Soft-serve ice cream and hot, freshly made mini-donuts with a large variety of toppings. We invite our customers to be creative with their own combos of soft-serve ice cream and mini-donut toppings or select a pre-made menu like Key lime ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce topped with crushed graham cracker crust or some hot mini-donuts topped with pina colada icing dusted with coconut flakes. The options are endless, with 18 different toppings for both mini-donuts and soft-serve ice cream.”

Rooster Treats will also feature rotating flavors and a vegan option. 

“We plan to be open around lunchtime to late night, for those looking for an after-dinner dessert or on their way home from the bars,” he added.

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