A sheriff’s deputy speaks to a motorist at the checkpoint at MM 112.5 in Key Largo. BARRY GAUKEL/Keys Weekly

To The Editor:

Truckers and delivery companies of every size and shape are maintaining a non-stop distribution of essential resources necessary to sustain life on our islands, during the viral pandemic facing our nation and the world. Selfless and silent labor by these warriors often goes underappreciated and unnoticed.

Supermarkets, drug stores and gas stations with a plethora of dedicated service workers have dutifully kept food, nutrition, medicines and energy at the ready for the communities they serve. Sanitation workers regularly remove toxic and contaminating debris from our trash, without much notoriety or fanfare. Our families and children are safer because of their bold and unquestioning actions.  

Law-enforcement, fire/rescue, paramedics, EMT’s, emergency room personnel, medical staff, Post Office employees, the Electric Co-op, Aqueduct Authority, food pantry volunteers and the Keys Weekly, are the “Guardians of the Gate” maintaining our security and well-being, whatever the cost and sacrifice they may have to make.

In addition, through fair weather and foul, members of our Armed Forces provide a protective umbrella under which all of our Constitutional freedoms and liberties are able to coalesce, bringing about the best possible outcome for the challenges that we face.  

The kinder, compassionate and gentler society we’ve been promised by schools, colleges and universities appears not to have taken hold. Nasty hoarders, dangerously self-absorbed, would allow another person and their family to suffer needlessly, as they abscond with all valuable items, rather than share the limited supply available with their neighbors.

In some individuals, fear and opportunity can trigger animalistic thoughts, action and behavior. Societal breakdowns are common. We’re not as advanced or civilized as we purport to be.

The extraordinary command and control exhibited by County Administrator Roman Gastesi and his courageous staff, along with the distinguished and inspirational leadership Sheriff Rick Ramsay and State Attorney Dennis Ward have delivered during these times of uncertainty, have sustained and comforted many families throughout the Keys.

As far as ordinary folk going about their daily lives dealing with lay-offs, firings, infirmities and uncertainty for themselves and their families, it brings to mind a renowned quote I’m familiar with: “Uncommon valor was a common virtue”.


John Donnelly


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