Running with the band

It was no small endeavor for drummer Mark Trojanowski to persuade his fellow Sister Hazel band members to run 100 miles with him. But the band has stood the test of musical time and will also rise to the challenge of not only running the Keys100 Ultramarathon relay together but performing a concert the next day at the Waterfront Brewery on May 21. Sister Hazel, best known for popular hits such as “All for You” and “Change Your Mind,” continues to tour after 23 years and create great music all the while giving back to the community.

“Expect a tired band,” Trojanowski laughed. “Since I had to convince the guys – took nearly two months – I get to run the most, 22 miles with the 7 Mile bridge included. Hope it’s not too hot.” Again, Trojanowski chuckled, knowing the weather in the Keys. These Gainesville boys are no strangers to Key West, often here to play a concert, hit the songwriter’s festival or just vacation. But all of them will do anything, even run 100 miles, for charity, especially for The Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys. The band is named after an actual nun and the boys have taken that to heart. Team Hazelnut, as they refer to themselves, have continually supported lead singer’s Ken Block’s charity for cancer research and patient care “Lyrics for Life.” Block lost his brother Jeffrey to cancer.

Playing a mixture of pop/rock alternative music with an upbeat attitude, they will be bringing their “We Got it All Tonight” 2017 tour featuring some brand-new Sister Hazel songs like “Kiss Me Without Whiskey” and “That Kind of Beautiful.” Their past album “Somewhere More Familiar” reached platinum status with “All For You’s” top 10 status in 1997. And their followup album, “Fortress,” reached success with “Change your Mind” and “Your Winter” that was featured in the teen hit move “Ten Things I Hate About You.”

“I hope to cross the finish at midnight, and then I am going to sleep and be ready for the concert the next day.” continued Trojanowski, who is proud of his band of brothers. Be on the lookout for Team Hazelnut in blue T-shirts and rock star attitudes.

Sister Hazel

May 21, 8 p.m.

WaterFront Brewery

We feel so fortunate to still play and give back at the same time.” – Mark Trojanowski, of Sister Hazel.


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