Ms. Dennington’s third grade class

Dear Santa,

How are you? I hope you are well. I am anxious for your arrival! For Christmas I would like the American Girl Doll Grace. I would also like her ears pierce, her dog, her welcome gifts. Also I would like world peace and no poverty. For my mom I would want her to have a self-heating scarf. For my dad a coupon booklet of chores I will do for him. I love Christmas and everything about it. For my dog: a special vacation when we go to Illinois. For my turtles: a new floating dock. For my fish: a new resting leaf. For my teacher: a kiss with Tim Tebow. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Love, Chloe


Dear Santa,

How are you? I hope you are well. I am anxious for your arrival. For Christmas I would like: video games, juggling balls, balloons, more tools for my wood, more books and stuffed animals and a skate board. My elf wants a bed. Ny dog wants tennis balls and some KY toys. My fish want new toys like a treasure chest. My brother wants fifo 16. My dad wants new knifes. My mom wants me to be happy. For my teacher a gaters hat. For my grandma new sewing tools. My grandpa wants tools. That’s all.

Love, Adrien


Dear Santa, How are you? I hope you are well. I am anxious for your arrival! For Christmas I want my family to be happy all the time. And their wishes are the ones that come true. And what I want a hover board that floats in the air. How are Rudolph and the toehr reindeers? I hope they are fin. I can make a wish for you to so wish what you want me to do for you or get you want every you want.

Love, Leriam

P.S. Oh! And I want a pet because I don’t have a pet.


Dear Santa,

How are you? I hope you are well. Am am anxious for your arrival. For Christmas I’d like to get a hoverboard, a minor wereing a flashy cloke. For my dad I would like groe hare and for my mom I would like a braik from work and for my brother I will get a disco ball. For my teacher I would like a new house.

Love, Sebastian


Dear Santa,

How are you? I hope you are well. I am anxios for your arrival. For Crismas I would like a lap top, gosebumps book set, for my brother Ethan a batman figure, lego bat man, for my brother Evan he want a kinindle fire with nions on it for my mom she would like a car cleaner and a rumba. For my dad he would like a new truck.

From, Erick


Dear Santa,

How are you? I hope you are well. What I want for my mom is a Disney Vacation. For my father glasses because he broke his other ones. For my borther a soccer ball. For my issters makeup. All I wanted was a puppy. For my ant Lupe hair scrunchies and for my other ant a new bird because Skittles died. For my boy cosin soccer balls and for my girl cosin a light switch. That’s all I want for Christmas.

Love, Mimi (Marie)


Dear Santa,

How are you? I hope you are well. I want a chinese hover board. The only ting I want. And I want a toy bot.



Dear Santa,

How are you? This year for Christmas I would like a few things. The first thing I would like is a scarf. I would like it to be hot pink, please. The next think I would like is mittens. Then I could be warm when I go outside and I would like them hot pink. The last thing I would like is to see snow. For Christmas my borther would like a rocket fishing rod. It shoots out far and cetches more fish and my borther loves catching fish. For Christmas my sister would like a toy unicorn. She loves to pretend to fly. First she gets to a high place and jumps. For Christmas my youngest sister would like a toy santa so she can sit on it and she loves siting on santa’s lap and asking him if she can have more things for Christmas. It’s really funny watching her. My mom would like a new washing machine and my dad would like more sleep at night because every morning at 3:00 my baby sister wakes up and she wakes my dad up and he can’t go back to sleep. Hope you can get me and my family what they would like for Christmas and I hope you can carry all the presents on your slay.

Love, Ella


Dear Santa,

How are you? I hope you are well. All I want for Christmas is to see snow. And call of duty 3 for ps4.



Dear Santa,

How are you? I hope you are well. I am anxious for your arrival! For Christmas I want cuddy pupply, little live pets turtle, American doll cloths, a hug Olaf, more Justice cloths, and a little live doll. For my sister get her a hug owl, and get her a owl justice shirts. For my mom a purple dress and for my dad a fluffy pollow and for my brothe Rudolph panths.

From, Samantha


Dear Santa,

How are you? I hpe you are well. I am anxiouns for your arrival. I hoep Rudolph and the other reineer are good. My mom would like jewlery and a purse. My dad wish he want to sit down and relaxes. My older borther wish he had a miren carft toys. My littel brother wish he had Ms. Dennington for his 3rd grade teacher. My sister wants a makeup kit.

Love, Brianna


Dear Santa,

How are you? I hope you are well. For Christmas I would like pajamas, tennis shoes, socks, and play doh twirl and top pizza shop. I am going to tell you what my mom wants for Christmas. Here is what she wants, a new hair straightener, and clothes. Now this what my brother wants. All he wants is more video games. And last nut not least my sister. My sister wants new makeup, a hair straightener, and new clothes for her 2 year old son. And that’s all. I hope you can carry all these presents. I love you Santa!

Love Angeline


Dear Santa,

How are you? I hope you are well. I am anxious for your arrival! For Christmas I would like world peace and for the elections in Venezuela. Next I would life for my add to have a new care and for my mom I would like her to have a Roomba and a real dimond ring and a new car. For my sister I would like her to have a go kart and I would like a phone case, a new iPad and a iPad case, a phone holder for my go kart and a gloss black biking helmet.

Your friend, Leo


Dear Santa,

How are you I hope you are well. I would like a hover board and ipad also a iphone. For my mom a nice and rainbow neckles and a new computer. For my dad a brand new car. I would like to met my online friend in roblox silverfish55 and in real life. My borther would like a visit to California.

From Chris


Dear Santa,

How are you doing? I hope you are well. I’ve missed you. For Christmas I ant a butler. He needs to wear pink, black and gray because I like those colors and stripes. He needs to do my feet while he does my homework for me. I will watch TV. I want the Bee Gees music and a disco costume so I can dance to “More Than A Woman” because that’s my favorite song. I really need a sparkly pink feather boa so all my teachers can dance with me. My mom would really like memory pictures of me from when I was zero, one, two, three, and all. For the baby I’d like a bow. For my brother, a skateboard. And for my sister-in-law, baby pictures. For my teacher, I want to give her a Gator hat and Tebow with a bow on his head. For Mrs. White, my other teacher, I want to give her a hula hoop dress just like Miley Cyrus. I want her to look like Lady Gaga.

Love, Derek


Ms. Houser’s third grade class

Dear Santa,

I feel excited for you coming to my house. How are you and Mrs. Claus? How are the elfs, reindeer, and Frosty, the Snowman. What kind of cookies would you like. I bin good and bad. This is ho I bin good. I help my Mom wash the dishes, tack care of my sister and brother. Here is how I bin bad. I tell my sister to shop, but she doss not stop. I want a littilist Pet Shop that my mom is printing out, Wacky Tacky, 10-pack of Shopkins.

Your friend, Daniela


Dear Santa,

I have wated a long time for Christmas and I think Christmas is the best time of the year because I get to spend time with my family and frinds. I have been God and here are some examples. Cleaning my room and making my bed. What I want for Christmas is a noow rokou.

Sincerely, Cruz



How dous Rudolph’s nose glow? Is there a light under his nose? How are you so fat? How do you eat all those cookies without getting full? How did the elves make so many toys? How is Mises Claus? Okay, now im going to tell you what I want for Christmas. I want a pair of roller blades. I know that I have roller skates, but I know how to roller blade now. I want the new Monster High doll and a new car for my mom and some new shirts for Chris, and a new Play Station 3 for Christopher, and new cowboy boots for Derek and a Bagwin Ty Beanie for Natile, and a pet hamster for me. Please, I really want a pet hamster. You see I responcible enof. Please! Thank you for all you have done to bring joy to eh world and wile youre watching us, please watch the concert at the Hospital this Sunday. I realy injoy it that you go around the world bringing joy to other kids. Have you ever had a baby cence you say that Mises Claws and you are marryed, and is Frosty the snowman real or not? And, how many elves do you have, and how long do they work. Do they live in their own house or not?

Sincerely, Brieanna


Dear Santa,

I hope you have a great day going all over the whole entire world. I will leave you some cookies. I have a question, how many cookies would you like? How far is the North Pole from the Florida Keys? Santa I have been very good. When like my sister has a bad dream, I let her sleep in my room or in my bed. I also help fol the laundry at home and if I do good my Nana gives me a treat. May I please have a nice coat, a a pairs of mittens, pairs of boots, and a watch.

Sincerely, Lauren


Dear Santa,

How do you get through the front door, it has an alarm? Where do you park your sled? How are you and MRs. Claus? I have been good. Examples: I have let the kid keep some of my toys and play with them to make him happy. Can I please have a game that is Halo 3 and a dog, a real one. My mom would like a new dress and my dad would like a $100 bill.

Since your friend, Anthony


Dear Santa Claus,

Can I tell you how is reindeer doing? And you Santa Claus? I feel bad for your elves. They ldid hard work. They been up all night for wraping all the presents. I’ve been good at home. I will prove it by telling you. I wash the dishis, and sweep the floor, and help my mom with cooking. For Chrismas, may I have a xbox 360, and an iPod Touch 5, and a girl dog.

Sinsely, Brizhi


Dear Santa,

How do you get in to people’s houses? Are you like a gost? Do you go thorugh the walls? Do the elves to with you for giving presents? How is Rudlolph and the other reindeer? Are they tired of carrying the sled? I mean like sleepy. I have been good and bad at home. I am bad sometimes at school. I forgot about how I have been bad at school. At home, I sometimes have a fit. I am so sorry. Sometimes I am good at church. May I please have 3 things for Christmas. The first thing is another Lego friend house, not the same one I have, the new one. The next this is a dad that will never brack up with my mom. My last thing is to see you. I love you!

Sincerely yours, Jack


Dear Santa Claus,

Santa how is the North Pole? Why were you in my bathroom? How did you get in my house? I have been a good boy. I have been getting As and Bs, and listening to my teacher. Santa, may I please have an xbox 360, a toy helicopter, a toy car, and a toy fishing rod.

Love, Braulio


Dear Santa,

How do the elves carry the heavy presents? Can I have 3 remote controller and a play station4, call of duty black ops 3, minicraft story mode, need for speed rivals, a dirt bike, and a halo4. What kind of cookies do you want? I want a cool fishing rod, too.



Dear Sanato,

How do you get in my house? Can I have a play station for Christmas, please. And Legos, please. I will give you kukis and milk and apples for your reindeers.

Love, Andy


Dear Santa,

I love Christmas a lot. It is fun. How is Rudolph? Is his nose still red? How are the other reindeer in the Nouth Pole doing. I have been good at school and home. At school, I lissen to Ms. Houser, and at home I help my mom and dad and sister and brothers. For Christmas, can I please have a Lego set for children over eight years old, a life time sply of mint gum, two cats, and a Pagwon with big eyes.

Senserly yours, Matthew


Dear Santa,

I am so excited for Christmas. How are the reindeer? I hope they are good. What about Mrs Claus is she good? Is it cold in the northpole? I hope the reindeer are reddy for the big day. I was good this year. I helped a lot. I take out the dogs, do laundry, and occasionaly wash the dishes. For Christmas, the only thing I would like is maybe a couple lures for fishing and I would also like to be with family.

Sincerely, Nolan


Dear Santa Claus,

Does Rudolph guide your sleigh every Christmas night? Rudolph looks cute with his red nose. I heen good this year because I helped my mom with the baby and do dishes. For Christmas I just want one thing it is a American doll and her name is Grace.

Love Ennifer


Dear Santa,

My name is Alejandro Gonzalez Gamez, but you can call me Alex. How is Rudolph? I am a good boy. I take out the trash, I do my homework and I help my sister with her homework. May I please have a puppy, star war toy ship, lego ninja dragons, and a ninja turtles, the whole team. And for my sister a Frozen doll, orbeys, and a makeup set. And for my little brother, a practice scooter toy train and a little car.

Your friend, Alejandro


Dear Saint Nick,

How is Rudolph? Are the reindeers beging mean to him? How is everyone? Do you gusy have a cold yet? How do you not fall off your slay? So, I’ve been a little bad and a little good. I’ve been a little mean to some people. For Christmas, I want a phone, football, remote control Lamborgini and a prediter toy.

Sincerely, Demitri


Dear Santa,

I heard Mrs. Claus bakes grate cookies. Witch reminds me, what kind of cookies do you want this year? How do you know what kind of present for each kid? I love to sing Christmas songs. I’m sorry I’ve been a little mean to my brothers, other wise I’ve been good. Like I do my homework and get good grades at school. For Christmas, may I havea new electric scooter, or at least a charger? May I also have a skate board, and last but not least may I have some American girl outfits?

Sincerly, Caylie


Dear Santa,

I am so excited for Christmas to come, and I hoep that Rudolph is doing good with that nose so bright in the fog. I hope you drive safe in your sled on Christmas night. I am wondering how Rudolph is and all the other reindeer. I hope the reineer get enough sleep and food so they have enough energy for Christmas. I hope everyone is god, and I hope you have enough room for all those cookies.

Sincerely yours, Kyler


Dear Santa,

How are you and how is Ms. Claus? May I please have a puppy and a Amrincan Dool and a dollar coin.

Love always, Janijar


Ms. Depastino’s third grade class

Dear Santa Claus,

My name is Benito and I am 8 years old. Merry Christmas! I live in an apartment. Can you tell me how to get an elf? Please leave me a note on how to get one. If you can, please give me one of your reindeer’s bells. I will give you milk and cookies. Happy holidays!

Love, Benito


Dear Santa Claus,

My name is Angelina. I’m 8 years old. I live in Marthon, Florida. For Chrismas I want a playground, a TV for my room, anda book so I can read over Chismas break. Santa, I will leave you some cookies that my borther bakes. How is Mrs. Claus?

Love, Anjelina


Dear Santa,

My name is Chelsea. I am 9 years old and I live in Marathon Florida Apartments. How is Mrs. Claus. Are you able to come to my house? I want Peace, Love and Joy.

Sincerely, Chelsea


Dear Santa Claus,

My name is David I am 8 years old. I live at Marathon, Florida I have been good. How is Mrs. Claus doing? After Christmas you can stay at my house but bring your swimming suit with you. For you I will leave cookies and milk and for the reindeers grass and water.



Dear Santa,

My name is Bryan. I want to know how you and your elves and Mrs. Clus and Rudolph the rednose reindeer are doing. I have been good. What I want for cristmas is a basketball and a football. Can you send an elf to my house. What do you do in the northpole? Is it different than Marathon? Is your job hard or easy? Do you like your job yes or no? Did you go to school? I would like new shoes for Christmas have a safe Christmas trip.

From Bryan


Dear Santa Claus,

Hi I’m Robert. I live in Marathon Florida. Im 8 years old I’ve been pretty good this year. How are the elves? Are they working hard? Hows Mrs. Claus is she doing well? I really want a new football for Christmas that will be good. This year I will give you milk and gingerbread cookies for Christmas.

Love Robert


Dear Santa Clus,

My name is Elizabeth Im nine year’s old. I live in Marathon florida. Am I doing good in school. I want A Math game’s, a reading game, studying ames and stuff to learn too.

Love Elizabeth


Dear Santa Claus,

My name is Aubrey. I live in Marathon Florida. How is Mrs. Claus? I’m doing good with my listening. How are your elves? Are they being good to you? I would like a violin. Haver a safe trip on Crhsitmas Eve.

Love, Aubrey


Dear Santa,

I am Natalie. I am 8 years old and my birthday is Dec. 15. I love that you sent me an elf. Elf Peter is the Best. He is so Funny! By the way I live in Marathon Flrodia. Tahnk you for senting me an elf and a reindeer plush. I named the plush Sparkie. How is Mrs. Claus? I’d like to know how she is doing. I will never forget to leave you milk and cookies! Are the reindeer doing good? How about Rudolph? I’ve ben very good I am trying to get good grades ion school what I want for chrismas is Chubby Puppies!

Love Natalie







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