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Rodney Gullatte is an IT professional and owner of Firma IT Solutions and Services of Key West. His time and talent is split between running the business and helping those in need.

“I just hired a guy to work under me so I have more time to help the community,”he said.

Case in point: He recently arrived at the Bahama Village Music Program (BVMP) headquarters to help install new computers acquired with the help of Jack Niles, the Chamber of Commerce and Floridakeys.com. Gullate said they were very needed.

“The computers they had there were boxy beige computers with Windows 98,” he said.

The computers will be used at the school to facilitate music education theory and instrument lessons. Gullate was also instrumental in founding a computer lab at a Salvation Army facility in Tucson, Arizona so adults could pursue GEDs.

To contact FIRMA IT Solutions call 520-302-4617 or check out the company website, FirmaITSS.com. (PC work only.)

Q: What’s a common computer problem these days?

A: “Clients have had many different reactions to Windows 8 (the latest software version); most people hate it,” said Gullatte. “But if I can sit down with a client for an hour, there is a great chance to get you to use Windows 8 and like it.”

Q: How can computer users protect themselves from identity theft?

A: “What happens is somebody calls a home or place of business and claims that Windows is not working properly on their computer. The scammers get access to the computer and can access files,” he said. “I actually had a scam call once while I was helping a client.”

Gullate said crucial financial programs like Turbo Tax and Excel can be easily hacked and once scammers have remote access to the computer it’s like an open vault. Gullate recommends his clients never save passwords to a word document; also, they need to be changed every 30 days.

Q: How can I be sure my tech help is qualified?

A: “If somebody wants to access your computer ask them where they got their Microsoft certification,” Gullate said. “There is only one right anwer. The only company that does certifications is named Prometric.”


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