Miracles happen every day, but some miracles are years in the making. Key Largo’s David and Lindsey Lazcos had been trying to start a family for three years. The couple had looked into in vitro fertilization and even started down the adoption route when something miraculous happened: Lindsey got pregnant with the couple’s first child, a boy. A Coral Shores graduate, United States Navy veteran, and senior nuclear power operator at Turkey Point Nuclear Station, David Lazcos is anxiously waiting to add “daddy” to the list of his titles. The littlest Lazcos is expected to arrive on Nov. 8.

How did you find out you were going to be a new dad? Lindsey surprised me with a box when I got home from work one day. Enclosed was a custom onesie, card that read “Hi Daddy” and the positive pregnancy test. I was overwhelmed with tears of joy as I read the “Hi Daddy!” I actually asked her to take a few more tests to be sure!

You’re remodeling your home and creating the “nest.” What’s new? We began to put together Brody’s nursery and removed the pea-rock from the yard, replacing it with grass so he’ll have plenty of room to play.

Clever gender reveals have become a fun way to find out. How’d you do yours? We had the doctor write down the results and place it in an envelope which we gave to a friend. Lindsey had to hold the envelope, because she knew I would try and peek. We invited close friends and family over and had both of our parents stand beside us. They each had a smoke and confetti cannon, we did a countdown and they all shot them off at the same time. It was a really cool experience, since only one person there knew the gender — it was a surprise to all!

Did you read the baby books? Hahaha, no. Have read several online forums and quick daddy-to-be guides!

What’s the most nerve racking part of being a new dad? I just hope to be able to give Brody the opportunity to achieve whatever he may want out of life! Everything else will buff out.

What fatherly advice are you taking from your dad? Well, if you ask anyone in the family, they say that I am a mini-version of him. So I plan to always have my family as my number one priority, as he has.

How did you and your wife meet? I met Lindsey while we were deployed with the U.S. Navy aboard the USS Gettysburg in the Gulf of Aden conducting counter-piracy in 2009. We both served six years and have spent a lot of life together around the water. The ocean has been a big part of our life and is very important to us.

You say the ocean is important to both of you. What type of Keys Kid upbringing do you envision for Brody? He will be out on the water as early as the doctor gives me the “thumbs up” for him to go on the boat. I see him spending the majority of his childhood in board shorts, flip flops and on boats.

You’ve really stepped up around the house and in planning and prepping for the baby. Since the day Linds told me she was pregnant, it’s been all about keeping mamma happy. I would say I’m getting husband of the year award. I have been keeping up with all the chores around the house so she can be comfortable.

You are raising your son in a home with a mix of cultures from the Keys, Cuba and Texas. What are you going to teach your son about his roots? We definitely plan to have him grow up bilingual. So with the help of my family, we hope to have him fluent with Spanish and English. Lindsey, she really just wants him to be a Dallas Cowboys fan. That’s something he will decide on his own.

What plans are the grandparents already making? Both sets of grandparents have their fifth wheel trailers ready to go. I anticipate that Brody will travel the U.S. more than his parents have.

Baby’s first words? Going to be Daddy for sure.

What are you looking forward to doing with Brody that you and your father still do? Guys’ days! A day with my son by my side is a dream come true. I grew up at my father’s hip and as I have developed into a man and starting a family, I want nothing more than to have my little guy look up to me as I did to my father.

Finish the sentence.

As a father, I promise to … provide, nurture, guide, grow and love my son forever.

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