Dining Done Differently

Old friends, Bobby Mongelli, restauranteur, and Martin Liz, personal chef, are teaming up to create a new culinary adventure in Key West unlike any other called the Lost Kitchen Supper Club. The club’s motto is as intriguing as the prospects, “Let your culinary curiosity lead you.” The idea is the club will be fueled by a membership of foodies who want something a little different and out-of-the-ordinary whether it comes to food, venue, chef, or theme with their dining experience.

Mongelli and Martin have procured a place in the Safe Harbor Marina as the clubhouse; a renovated warehouse space reminiscent of Hemingway days. Filled and built with found objects from around Key West, the two-story space was constructed by Safe Harbor owner Joe O’Connell with wood from old shrimp boats, Jimmy Wray originals, vintage art work, a blackjack and pool table, and a large Hawaiian teak bar. Mongelli and Chef Liz have equipped it with both an indoor and outdoor kitchen — making it a usable venue for either the supper club or private events.

But the Supper Club won’t be limited to one space or one chef. Mongelli studied supper clubs around the world and said, “A lot of chefs don’t have a chance to showcase their talent if they are limited by place or menu.” He promises very event will be different — food, chef, location.

“For example, we could take people out to Snipes Key for an authentic ‘Backcountry Shrimp Boil,’ the kind of meal that can’t be done in a restaurant,” said Chef Liz. Chef Liz, a native Conch who first worked for Mongelli as a sous chef, has been cooking since he was 15 years old. His specialty is blending native Cuban and Caribbean with Asian and French influences. He enjoys creating Key West Conch cuisine fueled by the “Ocean to Table” movement. Also, Chef Liz incorporates indigenous plants, herbs and fruits into his cooking to make it truly native.

“This is the natural evolution of dining in Key West,” said Mongelli. It is bound to be delicious.

For more information, visit www.LostKitchenKeyWest.com.


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