The candles and lights and wrapping paper are all put away. Hell week is over. Take a deep breath while we give you:

Top 10 reasons to celebrate the conclusion of the holidays:

10. With the kids back in school, we can finally get some quality time on that Playstation 5. 

9. Publix is a pleasure again.

8. Travel time through Islamorada is back to the standard 45 minutes.  

7. Virtual holiday parties are dumb.

6. We can focus on what’s really important – protests and arguments on social media.

5. We’re five long months from hurricane season!

4. Glitter and tinsel are super spreaders.

3. The Ohio State Buckeyes Rule!

2. Great deals on slightly used exercise equipment.

1. We’re sick and tired of finding new and exciting ways to pose that ^$%$# elf and then lying to your kids about what he does all day.

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