Admit it, you’ve watched or read “The Hunger Games.” And if you live in Key West, at some point you’ve taken a step back to acknowledge the striking similarities between our little islands and the fictional dystopia of Hunger Games. Yes, it was almost too easy.

1. People have weird names that sound funny when filling out school forms.

2. The Dion’s night shift first coined the term “Hunger Games.”

3. Takes place with a wealthy district and smaller outlying poorer districts thanks to a governor.

4. Has a dangerous public arena known as the Overseas Highway.

5. Woody Harrelson is the hero in both worlds. 

6. Bad-ass floats in parades. 

7. Alliances are made with the people who have been alive the longest or, preferably, around for two or more hurricanes.

8. Slight twist: Key West parents offer their kids up instead of being picked.

9. We encourage pageantry more than the average city, because costumes and even a cape from time to time make daily life much more interesting. 

10. Roosters and Mockingjays: same difference, both make annoying sounds.


Beating up each other to please their leader is how every Jimmy Buffet general admission concert begins.

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