If you feel exhausted, you are not alone. If you feel concerned, you are not alone.

If you feel frustrated, you are not alone. If you feel scared, you are not alone. If you feel helpless, you are not alone. 

I could go on.

All of the emotions above are challenging. I am a balanced person —  positive along with realistic. I am probably not alone in saying I am doing my best.

Last week when I was traveling for work, other situations and possibilities I hadn’t even thought of yet popped up as other people’s concerns. Then to top it off, last week, Mercury was in retrograde, and behavior wasn’t at its finest. Yep, I went a little woo on you.

It was a lot and … the majority of the challenges we are facing are out of our control. What can we do to feel better? Because often, if you surround yourself with all the “stuff,” it just gets worse. The triggers can be larger than what you can control.

During a recent evening, my husband and I had a heart-to-heart. I believe in being an authentic coach, and that is to say, we all struggle at times. Last night was one of those times. Too much on our plate and serious concerns about COVID-19 and the Keys. We started breaking down what the issues were and decided to address each one separately and rework our schedules for the upcoming week. It was a lengthy discussion, and I did a lot of listening. Then we took a break for the rest of the evening.

What are some tools you can use to help you move forward?

  1. Recognize the triggers and your emotions. Are you overwhelmed? Sad? Concerned? A mixture like we were? It’s OK to have these emotions, so make sure to recognize them.
  2. Communicate with someone, i.e, your spouse, partner, a friend, family member. Take time to talk and make sure also to listen. Be as open and honest as you can be. Releasing your emotions is sometimes the fastest cure and may not even need another step. You may need to get it out and have someone listen.
  3. Come up with a plan and determine what you can control. Do you need to cancel or edit things from your schedule? Do you need to stop watching specific programs or spending time on Facebook? Do you need to go for a walk or ride your bike and get some exercise? Relax, and do nothing? 

Figure out what plan works for you and stick with it.  And again, remember, you are not alone. I know I am not.

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