For the better part of the past year, many of us have been living our professional lives from the midsection up — Grecian busts with more personality.

For the first few months of this pandemic, we were still intrigued, even a bit awed, by the still-new Zoom technology. It all feels so charmingly naïve now.

As the months have worn on, though, we’ve settled in. Novelties have become the norm. It’s time to find the fun again — and honor the thrill of going to work in our pajamas — at least on the bottom.

By all means, rock the athleisure wear all day, every day — from the waist down. But show your personality on top. Zoom is one of the few places  you’ll be seen without a mask these days, so try that cat-eye look, a new lipstick, cool earrings or bold glasses.

Milan Fashion Week recently exhibited what’s been described as a “waist-up focus.”  Prada moved its logo to necklines. Other brands accentuated collars with ruffles, exaggerated lapels and printed design elements. Prada’s lead designer, Miuccia Prada cites our “contemporary human relationship with technology” as inspiration.

Clothing still counts, but no need to match tops with skirts or shoes. And if your closet chronically disappoints, splurge on a few new top options. (To justify the expenditure, I suggest, “Well, I’m not spending money going out.”)

Don’t go into Prada-size debt. Buy a few things that embody professionalism, cutting-edge style, lightheartedness, breezy island vibes, or whatever appeals to you. And if comfort on the top and bottom is what appeals to you, well, you can always adjust your camera angle.

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