Chris Loung and Ric Chandler are similar to other two piece bands like The White Stripes.

The Adam Scott Rote Galleries in Key West displays the works of nine well known artists who capture the musings of their lively imaginations with paint and brush.

“There is no certain theme. Artists are selected by their technique, their use of shadows and colors, composition and collectability,” said gallery owner and curator Drew Slone. “There are sculptures, mixed media, oil and acrylic paintings.”

The work at this particular gallery isn’t limited to paint on canvas. Some art pieces are painted on aluminum so they have a shiny, three-dimensional effect.

Some of the work has worldwide appeal. Michael Godard, whom Slone identifies as the No. 1 selling artist in the world, has numerous works featuring martinis, olives and grapes. One painting titled “Bond” features a humanized strawberry and olive, both with pistols in their hands, leaning on a vintage sports car. At Adam Scott Rote Galleries, the works are priced at about $1,200 but Godard’s work has sold for as much as $100,000.

Allison Lefcort is a pop artist at the gallery and her style is so special the Warhol family is her number one collector, according to Slone. She creates black, white and gray images that pop out on vivid backgrounds, like purple, red, orange and green. Four paintings that stick out at the gallery on the Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, Tin Man and The Wicked Witch of the West character paintings from the “Wizard of Oz”.

Artist Michael Cheval, a Russian painter who has visited Key West and will return in July, has elaborate explanations for his work.

“My painting ‘Angel of Key West’ came about from exploring the island. It took me six months to get an understanding of it. I felt people were inspired because there is an angel-like muse over the island that provokes creativity,” said Cheval.

Some of Cheval’s oil paintings look magical, almost like scenes from a Disney movie. Fantastic characters wear unique hats and are superimposed on detailed backgrounds.

Recently, Cheval began to experiment with a new series he calls “Guitart” — paintings on guitars.

“First, I love guitars. I play in bands and beautiful sounding musicians inspired me to make something special,” said Cheval. “It is a great canvas because the guitar itself it is art, how it looks and sounds. The painting is a double pleasure.”


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