Everywhere I turn it seems that everyone I know is pregnant or just had a baby. Last year, six of my regular dance students became pregnant. I like to think it was because of the effect the dancing and skimpy costumes had on their husbands but deep down I know it is something more… the desire to share their love and create life or at least to get naked and have some fun.

Close physical contact often comes with a price, pregnancies and then babies.  This occurrence also happens frequently when a disaster strikes or the economy is in a recession or depression.  We search for comfort using food, drink, entertainment and of course intimate physical contact; the latter being the most pleasant… at least as far as I’m concerned.  It is by far the best way to make troubles disappear and in fact may be nature’s way of solving a lot of our current and future problems.  In the long run all these new babies may be the answer to our economic woes.  People will have to spend money on Doctors, remodeling for nurseries, car seats, sometimes newer-safer cars, clothes for the pregnant mom and later for the infant, not to mention all the strollers, swings, stuffed animals and other baby necessity’s.  This could turn into a huge boom for the country. Consider the time line and the extended financial forecast, nine months pregnant, twenty-one years before they are out of college and on their own; a lot of money will have to be spent on them during those years. Why didn’t we think of this sooner?  I certainly have done my part, you know, teaching couples how to dance. 

Last night my wife went over to a friends home to baby sit while the mom and dad went to Key West to have their second baby delivered, a healthy eight pound six ounce bouncing baby boy.  Mother and child are doing wonderfully; the jury is still out on the dad (just joking).  We wish them every happiness.

My wife and I are now grandparent age so we are really enjoying all the new babies.  I never really understood the phrase ‘kids are great, especially when they aren’t your own.’ Until now, now I can play, rough-house and spoil the kids rotten then give them back to their parents so they can deal with all the mayhem I created, what fun!  My wife is great with the little ones, a consummate teacher.  She is always challenging their verbal skills, physical ability and mental acuity.  While our son was growing up we worked different shifts so we could both spend time with him as a baby and as a young child.  Seeing her now with other children I know why our own son turned out so well, she really is wonderful with them.

You are probably already aware that The Weekly’s owner’s Kate and Jason are pregnant and doing their part in solving the country’s economic crises, of course I know it’s so much deeper than that.  They are ready to love and raise their little-one in their new-home-town in the beautiful Florida Keys. Where better to raise a family?

As you walk around your town and when you see a woman with child, stop and thank her for helping to solve our depression.  Even though they may not solve our economic woes… babies always puts a smile on our face.  Dream the life you live and live the life you dream.

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