Be a Guest Again – Staycation at Sunset Key

Be a Guest Again – Staycation at Sunset Key - A bench next to a palm tree - Florida Keys
The villas have water views and cozy balconies,

Naysayers say there is no such thing as a good deal, but they never saw this bargain coming. Tis the season for “local specials” and Sunset Key Cottages is besting most of them. The resort is usually only available to flush tourists and has an exclusive offer for Florida Key Residents. It is the ultimate staycation package. Book a three-bedroom luxury villa that can sleep up to eight people starting at $629 a night- that’s 79 dollars per night per person. That’s probably the same cost for two at happy hour.

Ever wonder what makes it so special out there? Time to find out and hint, it’s worth it. First off, whether it’s two hours from Tavenier or ten minutes from Key West, it’s the most accessible 5-star vacation a local can make. Knocking off travel expenses saves for the fantastic food and amenities that Sunset Key also has to offer.

The package starts with a three bedroom, two story villa including two king-size bedrooms and two queen beds in a third, a kitchen, ample living room, and multiple balconies to enjoy the views and ocean breeze. The villas are not like home—at least if you call home a Key West cigar cottage or a small apartment or condo, like many of us—they are spacious and beautifully decorated. From the hardwood floors, top quality linens and a living area larger than most eyebrow houses have to offer; the villa exudes tropical elegance. The kitchen has every amenity and can be fully stocked beforehand with guests’ preferences.  Just ask your personal concierge, ours was Malika, who will make you feel at home and appreciates local humor. It’s the perfect place to carve out some family time or create a friend-moon with your besties, minutes from home before tourist season starts. It’s a great getaway from paradise … to a whole new version of paradise. 

There are actual swaying palm trees, ocean breezes and an unfettered view of sunset out there. As for activities, a full range of spa treatments are available or lounge by the pool nestled between the cottages. The pool bar offers gourmet lunch from lobster and crab cakes to duck confit nachos. Ask bartender Conal what margarita he would drink, and boom, no need to explain the correct ratio of good tequila to fresh lime juice. Cold watermelon and free ice cream appear pleasantly and no stealthy chair stealing, as plenty abound around a spacious pool. Or hit the private beach and wave to friends on boats going by from perfectly placed lounge chairs—not too close to actual tourists. If not relaxed enough, the Spa at Sunset Key provides massages and skincare treatment, just get the hook up with Svetlana. 

Make sure to book your dinner reservation ahead of time in conjunction with sunset. Leave plenty of time to enjoy the gourmet food like the Burrata cheese starter, followed by a Caribbean Lobster tail or Wagyu Beef Skirt Steak. Waiter Jean-Pierre is adept at anticipating diners needs and at the ready with chilled wines.

Sunset Key is the reason some residents migrated to the Florida Keys in the first place. From the beauty to the friendly staff and overall 5-star experience, it’s a reminder that paradise is still available to locals. On Sunset Key, Key West may be seen but not heard, so sit back and relax. It’s home away from home in the best possible way.

Visit and use promo code “KEYRES” to get your staycation deal.

Rooms are spacious and beautifully decorated.
Enjoy delicious gourmet dinner waterside while watching the sunset.
Local bartender Conal can whip up poolside margaritas in a snap.
Enjoy the lush, hidden pool in the middle of the island.
A quick ferry gets to Sunset Key in less than ten minutes.

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