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Fishing Report September 18, 2010: Windy Day Fishing

Windy Day Fishing We all know that the weather in the Keys can be unpredictable. Some days the sky is sunny and the seas calm. The next, the...
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Fishing Report September 11, 2010: Football & Florida Bay

Is there a better time of year than the beginning of football season? Last week we kicked off the college season. This week the NFL gets underway. ...

Fishing Report September 4, 2010: Late Summer Storms & Fishing

This week marks the 75th anniversary of the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935, one of the most intense storms to make landfall in the United States, and...
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Fishing Report August 28, 2010: Come on Down!

Even mainland Floridians can appreciate the unique environment and culture of the Florida Keys. Between the laid-back island atmosphere, tropical temperatures closer to that of the Caribbean...
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Fishing Report August 21, 2010: Go Deep

On the surface, Florida Keys offshore fishing is all about big dolphin. But look deeper, a lot deeper, and you’ll find a whole other world of spectacular...

Fishing Report August 14, 2010: Be Ready

It’s not uncommon for tropical conditions to wreak havoc on our fishing plans this time of year. It seems whenever we glance at the radar there’s a...
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Fishing Report August 7, 2010: Good Days Ahead

Opening day of lobster season has finally arrived. If Mini Season was any indication, good things lay in store for Florida Keys bug hunters this year. Many...
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Fishing Report July 30, 2010: Snapper, Snapper, Snapper

Congratulations Florida Keys, we survived another year of lobster mini-season insanity. Hopefully you had a safe and successful “bug“ hunting experience, and your car suffered only minimal...
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Fishing Report July 24, 2010: Calm Seas Ahead

Windy days can be dangerous for anglers—and I’m not talking about high waves or the hazards that exist on the water. I’m referring to the trouble we...
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Fishing Report July 17, 2010: Clear Seas and Great Fishing

For you out-of-towners reading the Florida Keys fishing report online, as well as for you visitors just arriving in the islands, I wanted to ease any concerns...