Get the real Caribbean experience at Mo’s Restaurant on White Street. A Haitian chef, who slow cooks chicken for two and a half hours until it falls right off the bone, delivers the authentic food and drinks. The meals at Mo’s would not be complete without their island beverages and libations.

At Mo’s there are three main brands of beer — Corona, Budweiser and this beer with a French name called La Fin Du Monde. The beer is from Quebec, is popular in the Caribbean and has a huge amount of flavor. It is extremely smooth, with a fruity taste and a bit of danger — a 9 percent alcohol content.

“We drink La Fin Du Monde in Haiti. Mo’s makes people from the Caribbean feel at home and gives others the authentic experience,” said chef and bartender Delice.

Other drinks on the menu are island favorites such as Power Malt, a non-alcoholic malt beverage and Mystic juices that pack a colossal citrusy flavor.

Wines are popular at Mo’s and there are more than enough types to choose from including vinters like Little Black Dress. Give them a try at 1116 White St., open daily for lunch and dinner.


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