The Keys Weekly is proud to introduce Marathon’s new doctor — Dr. John Woltz. Board certified in occupational and preventative medicine, he’s taking over the offices of Dr. Ronald Samess, who retired recently.

Woltz and his wife, Mindy, and two dogs arrived at the end of May. They’ve since purchased a home on Big Pine Key that is currently under renovation, with Mindy overseeing the endeavor.

Here’s a little more about our new neighbor:

Full name? Dr. John William Woltz.

Hometown: Most recently from Logan, Ohio, a small town in the southeastern corner of the state. (Editor’s note: it’s also home to the Paul A. Johnson Pencil Sharpener Museum!)

How long have you been a doctor? I’ve spent nine years as an Air Force flight surgeon; I studied at Ohio University.

And before that? I spent 11 years in the Army as a helicopter pilot.

Which was more fun? Well, I had more fun as a pilot, but I was also a younger man!


Were you deployed overseas? No, but I did do a couple of tours in Korea, and a lot of training at Fort Rucker in Alabama. I was also deployed with the 82nd Airborne to help after Hurricane Andrew struck Miami in 1992. That was an eye opening experience.

What will you do for a third career? Well, when I retire from the medical field I will probably do what it seems like everybody else in the Keys does … get a charter license!

What’s your opinion of the country’s handling of COVID-19? I’m not sure I’m really happy with it. I don’t remember doctors in politics when I was a kid and, when I say that, I’m not picking sides.

Do you like the water? I’m used to boating on the Ohio River. We had a pontoon boat, three kayaks, a ski boat and two Jet Skis. At any one time, there were probably six different boats registered in my name. I’m looking forward to spending more time in the backcountry, exploring it.

Do you have children? My wife and I have three in our blended family. I have a 21-year-old daughter at Ohio University, a 23-year-old son who is a Rhodes Scholar currently studying at the University of Oxford in England, and my 25-year-old son and a friend started a political campaign consulting company.

What are the dogs’ names? Bella is a standard poodle. Copper is a rescue who is either sleeping or following my wife wherever she goes.

Name one thing you do every day to stay healthy? Exercise in some form.

In the Hollywood action movie biopic of your life, which actor would play you? I say a young Clint Eastwood; my wife, Mindy, says Jeff Goldblum.

Bourbon, wine or beer? Boring old American light beers.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Pizza.

You can have lunch with anyone (dead or alive). Whom do you choose and what would you eat? Gen. George S. Patton, and red meat.

What were the contents of the last Amazon box delivered to your home? Mindy got me a bath sarong.

Which app on your smartphone gets the most use? Weather.

What’s your pet peeve? Over-filling a trash can or using a larger trash bag than is supposed to be in the can and then filling it up. Seriously, don’t get me started.

What about the Keys strikes you as particularly weird and wonderful? The eclectic mix of people, which is why Mindy and I feel at home.

What is your nerdiest passion? Currently watching the Marvel Universe movies in spaghetti order (end of movie trailers that lead to next one).

My wife, Mindy, would describe me as … impatient and blunt, but in a nice, kind way.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? No reason to worry about things all night that you can’t do anything about until morning. Get a good night’s sleep. (Nordic mythology)

— Dr. John Woltz is part of the Baptist Health Medical Group located at 5701 Overseas Hwy., Marathon. The phone number is 305-434-1400.

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