By Karri Daley

Michelle was born to be an artist. Her mother’s womb would bounce in perfect rhythm to the beat of every tune. “Hey Jude” was the first song she learned and as a young child, Michelle would sing herself to sleep every night.

She sang in the church choir as a youngster. And at age 13, Michelle received her first guitar — a 1968 handmade sunburst Gibson — which she still proudly owns today. By 8th grade, she was competing in madrigals and received top scores.

Michelle has always had a love for soulful music and wanted to master the art of improvisation, so, after high school she decided to join the Gospel Choir at Norfolk State University and later studied music at Old Dominion University.

After several years of touring and performing, Michelle was ready for a change.

In 2003, she left her hometown of Virginia Beach, Virginia and traveled to the islands to visit family.

Michelle fell head over heals for Key West and its crazy, fun-loving people and decided to make her stay a permanent one. She feels as though she belongs here and is happy to call this place her home.

Michelle is classically trained and can put on an entire show in just about any genre. She’s as real and down to earth as they come; you name it, she’s got it. Michelle has extreme diversity as an artist with more than 15 years of experience in various top 40 bands. To top it off, this lovely lady is filled to the brim with talent and positive vibes.

Michelle currently sings and plays keys in the band “Douglas and Drav” and you can find her performing all over the island with various local bands and as a solo artist. For booking information and calendar events you can contact Michelle at www.

Karri Daley is a singer, writer and vocal coach originally from Chicago. She plays in the band Bluesion Fusion with musician Topher James.

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