A former Key West High School student was arrested this week in Santa Rosa County, in the Florida Panhandle, for allegedly threatening a mass shooting at University of West Florida.

Shane Rei Davis, 23, allegedly made very specific threats while playing an online video game, although it is unclear whether Davis currently attends the college.

Fox 10 News reports that according to authorities, Davis made the following comments via an in-game chat service visible to other online players: “I just have to get 34 kills to be a legend;” “But I calculate around 50;” “You will see the biggest school shooting;” “I’ll carry more ammo than these unprepared retards;” “I will be the best school shooter;” “I will be a legend;” “You will all feel my pain.”

Santa Rosa County sheriff’s deputies worked with the FBI and acted on confidential information to arrest Davis, who now lives in Pace, Florida, Fox 10 News reports.. His Facebook profile states he attended Key West High School.

Former KWHS principal Amber Archer Acevedo told Keys Weekly on Sunday, Sept. 27  that she doesn’t remember Davis graduating from the local high school.

Authorities in Santa Rosa County told Fox 10 News, due to the nature and specificity of the threats, and the totality of the evidence, Davis was arrested Friday and taken to Santa Rosa County Jail, where he is being held on a $1 million bond.


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