The Keys Weekly put some thought into what we knew on the cusp of high school graduation. Here are our best nuggets of information. Change our minds. 

If it scares you, then you should probably give it a chance.
— Britt Myers

Never actually drink the shots — stick with one thing. This is non-negotiable.
— Kristen Livengood

Clean your own hair off the sink, bathroom drain, etc., or your roommates will murder you. It will be justified.
— Sara Matthis

Go far, and go often. Home is always going to be there.
— Katie Atkins

Be 15 minutes early to everything. The early bird gets the worm.
— Gabriel Sanchez

If you get the chance to study abroad, take it.
— Mike Howie

Do not apply for a credit card on campus.
— Jason Koler

Your tongue can block the tap while doing a keg stand – you’ll thank me later on this one and be known as the college champ.
— Kristen Livengood

More advice from Kristen …

• Be friends with people who are smarter than you; birds of a feather and all that … Same goes for people who are more fun than you and prettier than you.

• Who knew you’d miss the smell of rotting seaweed your first trip back to the Keys during Thanksgiving?


More advice from Katie …

  Bartending or serving will teach you more about how the world actually works than class will; just don’t be duped by the fat stacks.

• Take advantage of your college gym. You’ll never have a free membership again.

• Thinking about doing something difficult is almost always worse than actually doing it. Just do it.

• If your roommate drops out and you’re all alone, put their mattress under yours for double cushion.


More advice from Sara …

• Make sure you have your parents’ Amazon Prime password and a good cover story if they notice the charges.

• Make friends with someone older than you, and younger than you while in college; it will broaden your horizons.

• Locate the defibrillator station in the college bookstore; you might need it when they ring up the textbook totals. 


More advice from Gabriel …

• Quit posting every thought you have on social media. Employers look at it.

• Learn a musical instrument. Creating music is great to ease stress.

• Open a bank account to start saving for retirement.

• Obey law enforcement. The “don’t taze me, bro” strategy doesn’t work.


More advice from Britt …

• No one wants to hear your phone. No one.

• If people are passing you in the right hand lane, you are the jackass.

• Be quick to help. Slow to judge.

• Pay attention to how people treat their parents, pets and their customers. It’s likely how they will treat you.


More advice from Jason …

• Learn a trade and you will always be able to provide for yourself.


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