Beneath the light of the full moon, magic sometimes happens. This is especially true on coral reefs, where, once a year, the lunar luminance causes corals to spawn. This is the basis of life in our Florida Keys ecosystem and an important, natural regeneration process. Now, the Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF) and the Islamorada Resort Collection have launched a monthly Full Moon Yoga series to celebrate this special time of month. Part of the proceeds will benefit CRF’s coral restoration efforts in the Florida Keys. 

The hotel group includes Amara Cay, Pelican Cove, Postcard Inn and La Siesta Resort.

“Coral Restoration Foundation is joining Amara Cay for their monthly yoga events to create connections with our community and encourage everyone to make a positive impact on the coral reef in a fun, relaxing, and empowering way,” said CRF’s Madalen Howard. “As coral scientists we think of the full moon, and we know it brings life, light and new beginnings to our oceans.”

The yoga series kicked off with a celebration of the most recent full pink moon at Postcard Inn Beach Resort & Marina. Crystal Carnahan of Zenfully Aware, who led the flow, welcomed participants to inhale deeply and bloom into their fuller selves. Our bodies are 70% water, and the moon affects our cells in the same way it does the tides, she said. 

“With the full moon, we are able to let go of things that are holding us back,” she added. This leads to rebirth and new hope – a perfect backdrop upon which to think upon our coral reefs. 

Sarah Crisafulli, complex director of marketing for the Islamorada Resort Collection, said, “At the Islamorada Resort Collection, we are passionate about creating meaningful events and activities for our guests and locals. … (W)e started thinking about ways we could take our existing beachside yoga classes and add another layer of meaning to the activity for our guests and locals.” 

Crisafulli and Carnahan reached out to CRF to learn about how the full moon affects coral spawning. Crisafulli said, “It was eye-opening for us and we realized it would be an impactful and educational yoga practice for our guests and locals.” 

Locals and resort guests can participate. The practice is complimentary for guests and $25 for locals. Zenfully Aware is donating 50% of proceeds to CRF. A limited number of yoga mats are available.

After the practice, one of the participants said, “This is great. We can give nature a helping hand together.”For more information and to sign up for the next class, visit: https://square.link/u/2r7bk5cq.