Capt. Jason Long, who was born at Fishermen’s back in the ’70s, signs a pledge card to become one of the first Young Philanthropists as Sarah Cizmas, left, and Baptist’s Senior Development Coordinator Amanda Greer look on. JASON KOLER/Keys Weekly

With the Marathon and the Middle Keys community tasked with raising $15 million for the construction of the new Fishermen’s Hospital, a new organization was founded last week to give the under-50 crowd a voice and means to support the hospital. 

“Our turnout was much better than we expected,” said Sarah Cizmas, chair of the Fishermen’s Community Hospital Young Philanthropists of Baptist Health (FCHYPBH). “This just shows how committed our generation is to the future of our community.” 

Cizmas, whose husband Doug is a pharmacist at Fishermen’s Hospital, has supported Baptist Health for the last four years. 

“I realized that to be able to get the kind of services our community needs that we need to participate financially, which gives us a voice in the boardroom. I know the CEO of Baptist and he takes our concerns seriously.”

Members of the FCH YPBH are entitled to attend social events and receive membership into the Baptist Health Philanthropic society and get access to some of the higher administration in the company. 

“This is all about supporting our community because 100 percent of the funds we raise and pledge go directly towards building our new hospital,” she added. 

The group is expected to hold more socials and grow the organization this year while raising funds for the capital campaign. 

Prospective members should contact Cizmas at [email protected] for more information. 

The Founding Members
Jason Long & Ann Nash
Jo & David Grego
Mallory Morton & Michael Pinto
Mark & Lilianna Senmartin
Mike & Catherine Dunn
Matt & Reeta Pitcher
Tom Zajac & Stephanie Rudek
Elisa Stiglitz
Candice & Bobby Grostefon
Eric and Cherie Dunford
Sarah Cizmas & Doug Mayer
Jason & Kate Koler
Blair and Mike Nealis

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