With the start of the NFL season just under a month away, the players are back on the practice field and fantasy football managers are devouring daily news feeds to gain a leg up on their competition. For those who compete in fantasy leagues, the season can’t begin soon enough. For those who don’t, the eye-rolling has already begun. 

Top 10 signs fantasy football is here…

10. Your husband has suddenly lost interest in the Tom Girardi and Erika Jayne scandal.  

9. Your wife’s safe words are, “Omaha! Omaha!” 

8. You’ve canceled a kid’s birthday party, family vacation or cardiology appointment to attend a fantasy football live draft. 

7. You can’t name the last five U.S. presidents but you can rattle off the top 10 fantasy football kickers. 

6. You called HR to report a “hostile work environment” after your employer blocked Yahoo Sports in the office. 

5. You traded a monthly Child Rescue Plan check for an additional third-round pick in your fantasy draft. 

4. You failed pre-algebra twice in high school, but developed an algorithm using Chaos Theory mathematics to determine your pre-draft fantasy football rankings. 

3. You’ve applied the “Zero RB” philosophy to your company’s hiring process. 

2. You warned your 7-year-old that the next time he underperforms at school he’ll end up on the waiver wire. 

1. You find yourself concerned about the eating and sleeping habits of fantasy football expert Matthew Berry.