Event brings like-minded community together

The Intuitive Arts and Psychic Fair set for Saturday and Sunday, March 21-22 on Big Pine Key coincides with the true Spring Equinox — a time of great psychic energy that mirrors the renewal and rebirth of spring.

“Both the equinox and solstice are great times to have a fair like this,” said Debra Kupchok. “As that energy builds up, we might as well go with it rather than against it.”

Kupchok is one of the founders of the sixth annual fair, along with Tim Haggstrom, Cynthia Rubenstein and Rev. Marney Brown, the last the owner of the Good Food Conspiracy where the garden festival will be held.

“We hope everyone will come out and step into Spring with new insights, inspirations and intentions,” said Brown.

Kupchok said the event is a great way for people with similar mindsets and lifestyles to meet.

“One of the best things about the Keys is that new people are always coming and going. So, how does somebody new find their community? This is a way for them to find a landing place. And there’s a great synchronicity at the event, too. People connect.”

The two-day fair features six practitioners, five body workers and a handful of vendors.

There are also free workshops, three on each day. Reader methodologies range from tarot cards to palmistry to numerology and crystal readings (see sidebar) or some combination of those. Fair guests will also learn about body-centric disciplines such as Reiki, shamanic healing, bio-feedback, reflexology and massage. The workshop topics range from presentations on the Grimal Grove to sound healing.

Kupchok recently paired with Eric Paul Levy to present sound healing workshops up and down the Florida Keys. Kupchok, already a fan of crystal “singing” bowls and the healing sounds they emit, said Levy’s work of creating original songs to stimulate the seven shakras brings the work to the next level.

The fair runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday in the garden behind Good Food Conspiracy, MM 30.2 oceanside on Big Pine Key. There will be jewelry and aromatherapy oils for sale, as well as music, soups, sandwiches and smoothies. Admission is free.

Kupchok said the event is designed for guests to while away a few hours or the entire day. For more information, call 305-872-4750. 

Practitioners: Tim Haggstrom (life path readings), Cynthia Rubenstein (voyager tarot), Solaya (energy guidance, tarot, palmistry), Toni Farraro (psychic readings with numerology), Mark Griffin (psychic medium) and Debra Kupchok (crystal and gemstone readings).

Bodyworkers: Donna Forenci (Reiki), Jesse Sunquiet (Shamanic healing), Nan Kenny (bio-feedback), Marney Brown (reflexology) and Leanne (massage).


Saturday, 1 p.m.: Jason Kirkpatrick, tips on discovery soul and life purpose

Saturday, 2 p.m.: Patrick Garvey, Grimal Grove

Saturday, 3 p.m.: Eric Paul Levy and Debra Kupchok, chakra sound healing

Sunday, noon: Patrick Fay, chiropractor, spinal analysis and subluxation

Sunday, 2 p.m.: Debbie Quinn, aromatherapy and essential oils

Sunday, 3 p.m.: Robin Sunquiet, kirtan/chanting


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