Leadership project encourages cleaner Keys

Going ‘viral’

Here’s a look “behind the scenes” of the filming of the kick-off video. The public is encouraged to participate in the contest to raise awareness about a clean Keys environment. CONTRIBUTED

“Don’t pass it up, pick it up.” That’s the message from Leadership Monroe Class XXVI*, otherwise known as the “Stormtroopers” — a homage to the terrible Irma.

Envisioning a “Kiki”-type response, the class is encouraging locals, anyone really, to create their own video raising awareness about picking up debris and throwing it away.

“We’re trying to take the blinders off,” said Class of XXVI’s Bruce Halle, also the mayor of Layton. “It’s everyone’s responsibility to keep the Keys clean.”

To kick off the contest, which features a cash prize, the class created its own video that will be released on Facebook on the anniversary of the storm. The class conceived of the project as the Keys began the arduous task of cleaning up after the hurricane. Realizing that most of the “big” trash was being trucked away, they knew that many of the smaller pieces would be left behind — the kind it’s easy to notice but continue past.

So, who should participate? Well, the class envisions something like what happened with the ALS ice bucket challenge — where one group or person would post a video and call out another to participate, too.

“I really see law enforcement and students taking part in this,” said Mallory Jones, also a class member. “That’s one of the reasons why we chose the Facebook platform. And that’s something for competitors to hone in on — your video doesn’t have to have the best footage or sound to win, it just has to get the most likes. Winning the contest will also be about marketing your video online.”

The class’ own video, which features most in full Stormtrooper costumes, was filmed at Sombrero Beach. Videos should have a “Star Wars” or Stormtrooper theme.

“It was hot, but we learned the dance steps and it was all made possible by the ‘liquid coordination’ provided by our classmate Walt Stephens,” said Jones.

Videos must be at least 15 seconds, and as long as 60 seconds. The videos will be published on the Facebook page Monroe: Don’t Pass It Up Pick It Up. The complete rules are posted on the Facebook page.

* Editor’s note: Leadership Monroe Class XXVI is the BEST class.

STARTS: Monday, Sept. 10
SUBMIT TO: [email protected]; videos will be screened.
PUBLISHED ON: Facebook page “Monroe: Don’t Pass It Up Pick It Up”
WINNER: The video with the most Facebook “likes.”
ENDS: Saturday, Nov. 10. Winner announced on or about Nov. 30, 2018.

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