Marathon councilwoman Ginger Snead waited until closing comments to drop a bombshell: her immediate resignation. She read from a prepared statement that was six sentences long, thanking staff for their work and residents for their support. Her voice choking with emotion, Snead ended the letter with, “God bless Marathon and each of you.”

When Mayor Dick Ramsay asked when she planned to resign, the answer was “today.”

This morning she elaborated.

“I have felt a lot of change coming in my life lately. I felt that it was time to move in a different direction and that I am being moved in that direction by God,” she said in an early-morning telephone call. “I have been offered a dream job, making dream money and there is no way I can turn it down.”

Snead declined to say exactly where she is moving, but confirmed that she is staying in Florida to teach physical therapy. She had previously announced her intention to close her business, Advantage Rehab & Fitness. She reiterated her intention, adding that its doors will close for good on March 14 and she is leaving the following week.

Marathon’s city charter has a provision to replace a councilperson. It is, however, slightly out of date because it still refers to March elections even though the City of Marathon has changed its election cycle to match the county’s and state’s. The charter states that if it is 81 days or less until the election, the council would continue to operate as normal until the next election. If it is more than 81 days — as is the situation in this case — council may appoint a replacement and has 30 days to do so. The next general election is set for Nov. 4, 2014.

After Snead’s announcement, Bull responded.

“I’ve known Ginger through Rotary and Council and my knee [therapy] since forever,” he said. “I thank you for what you’ve done for Marathon. Whether you’re staying or leaving or whatever, I will be sorry to see you go.”

Prior to her announcement, Snead participated in the city council meeting as normal with comments about the city manager job description and contract, and also plans for city hall construction.

This is the first time in the history of the 14 year old municipality that a councilmember has resigned mid-term and according to interim city manager Mike Puto the city’s legal team is researching replacement options. According to city charter if the “unexpired term is 81 days or more…by a majority vote, appoint a person to fill the vacancy until the next regularly scheduled city election.”

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  1. Sweet Dreams, Ginger Snead! Thanks for the Vito bomb before leaving! Who will Keating and Bull turn to for direction now that Snead is gone? Looks like John Herin screwed up again not updating the City Charter! Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!!!!!!!!! The hits keep coming!!!!!!!!

  2. Sweet dreams, Ginger Snead! Thanks for dropping the Vito bomb on your way out the door. Who is going to tell Keating and Bull how to vote now that you are gone? And, John Herin, seems to have forgotten another job responsibility by not updating the Marathon City Charter! The nightmare continues!

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