The “bowl” disappeared from the City of Marathon’s skate park adjacent to the Community Park on April 7. 

“It was a safety issue, but honestly it’s been an issue for some time now,” said Marathon’s Parks and Recreation Director Anthony Paul Davis. 

The skate park feature was rotted to the point that it could no longer be repaired because there was nothing to its structural integrity. The demolition was handled by Discount Rock and Sand.

Davis said he expects the skate park to reopen sometime this week, or before April 16. There are still some metal fasteners that need to be removed from the concrete. Skaters will be able to use the open space at the back of the park.

In November, city officials presented a sketch and plan which involves moving the skate park across the parking lot, closer to the Middle Keys Guidance Center. In its place, the city would install a splash park. The new skate park would be constructed out of concrete, which city staff said cost about $5 to $10 more per square foot. 

The city has also signed a contract to repair the docks at Oceanfront Park at City Hall and build a new kayak dock at Sunset Park on Grassy Key. According to Public Works Director Carlos Solis, residents should see some activity within the next week.  

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