REORGANIZATION AT MARATHON CITY HALL - A large lawn in front of a house - Florida Keys

The city of Marathon and the state of Florida have approved and signed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that became effective on May 11. It delineates the information the city is required to provide the state Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) to validate planning approvals and building permits issued in Marathon.   

In late February, the state rescinded the long-standing agreement with the city. The most recent MOU agreement eliminates review of some previously required development orders.  

For example, while the state still requires the city to send complete documentation of new residential or commercial building permits, the city has the authority to issue permits for sewer connections, electrical plans and solar panels. The city must still send the state complete documentation for any permit that involves pools, renovation or remodel, site work, temporary trailers, demolition, dredging or marine use, as well as the aforementioned new residential or new commercial building permits.   

“As we move forward with the amended MOU, the city of Marathon is hopeful that it can work with the state DEO to further streamline the number and types of permits sent to the state,” said City Manager George Garrett.    

Under current regulations for the city, all permits require 30 days before construction can begin in case there is an appeal. If, however, a permit requires state approval, that can mean a wait time of up to 75 days before a permit becomes effective. Discussions as late as May 13 indicate that the city has the option to shorten its time frame to as little as five days. That would help a great deal in the city and DEO’s efforts to streamline the joint review process for development orders sent to the state. Additionally, the city is working with the state to minimize the time that it takes for their review. 

“We look forward to a continuing dialogue with DEO to meet their needs for review of development orders while working toward a more reasonable and expedited review time,” said Garrett.

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