#News: Florida Governor Rick Scott to visit Marathon on Friday - Rick Scott wearing a suit and tie - Rick Scott

Florida Governor Rick Scott is scheduled to appear in Marathon on Friday, Aug. 8 at 4:30 p.m. to make a major announcement regarding nearshore water quality funding. Scott previously rolled out a $1 billion environmental blueprint for Florida, titled the “Florida Water and Land Legacy,” which is the latest platform for his re-election.

The plan includes a proposed constitutional amendment that will be placed in the hands of voters this fall and is intended to place responsibility on state funding.

“I understand the one side of committing dollars to this, and I understand the other side, that I want to make sure we have money for schools, for poverty programs, for health care and all those things,” Scott said Monday after a stop in Jupiter.

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  1. Nice of you guys to give us a 1 day notice he is coming. I see he will be there at 4:30 but your article fails to say where?????? How are his local supporters supposed to rally there for support? Duh!

  2. This guy does not care about the environment! He allows fracking in the Everglades while he smiles to your face. This guy is the epitome of a corrupted sociopathic politician! For goodness sake, I hope no one really entertains this guy in the Keys. Attend and turn your back to him like he has done to so many Floridians!
    Make a change with Adrian Wyllie! Change the system with your vote! Do not waste your vote on politics as normal!

  3. I’ll be voting for Adrian Wyllie as well, the only way to change what is wrong is to change how you vote. do not be fooled by the two corrupt Republicans running for governor.

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