Local Luxe is a one of a kind jewelry store

Passionate, savvy, creative and visionary — it’s rather easy to describe Barb Grob, owner of Local Luxe jewelry store. Having just celebrated her 20th anniversary on the rock, Grob’s history here is long, colorful and so, so Key West. Cementing her reign as a one-women small business empire, Local Luxe is yet another successful venture for Grob.  With a keen focus on art, Grob’s sense of style and cleverness have come through in all her endeavors.

Locals may remember Grob’s Wave Gallery on White Street filled with her uber popular gecko sculptures and her slogan that went national, Art Slut. Then came the Art Bar and the Jewelry Bar which has now has grown into Local Luxe, a one of a kind jewelry store. Local Luxe embodies Grob’s creativity, her brassy business sense and Key West charm. It is apparent at the door why USA Today named Local Luxe No. 3 in shopping experiences in the Florida Keys.

Local Luxe has the largest selection of handmade jewelry in the Keys. Filled with original and distinctive work made by Grob and over 100 other artists, the shelves are adorned with an impressive array of color, gems, minerals and objet d’art. Greeted by Grob herself, she lures customers in with her knowledge, her passion for jewelry, and as her slogan says, making women happy.

“Mediocrity is for others,” said Grob. “If you can get it on Amazon, then I don’t want it in my store.” She has shopped artisans around the world procuring the best prices and most original jewelry. Using old school business sense lost in today’s online market, she listens to her customers. Her designs range from delicate to industrial, classic to modern. She crafts convertible pieces that can be worn and interchanged so it is not always the same piece.

Her latest design, Sparkle Specs, now have a patent pending. They are oversize eyewear with the stems replaced by chains of jewelry. Not only are they unusual, but stylish and comfortable. Soon Grob will construct a Sparkle Bar so women can customize their own Sparkle Specs.

Joining her team is local Nick Soto, fresh from studying jewelry design and repair in Boston.

“We are creating jewelry for the girl who wants to be unique, elegant but wear her pieces everyday,” said Soto, who is collaborating with Grob on designs.

Let Grob be your personal shopper this season, either for yourself or all the women in your life. A store dedicated to making women happy? Nothing more beautiful than that.

Local Luxe

515 Fleming St., Key West


I started at 18 making art jewelry … I am a rock nerd. For me, they are tiny little sculptures.” –Barb Grob, owner

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