Our Top 10 “DONTS” for Your 2019 NCAA Basketball Tournament - A baseball player holding a ball in front of a crowd - Zion Williamson
  1. Don’t buy into Wofford. The Terriers have become a sexy Cinderella pick, but they have come up short against major conference teams outside of South Carolina this season. And sure, they have won 20 in a row, but running through the Southern Conference doesn’t equate to a battle-tested team.


  1. Don’t pretend that Bill Raftery’s quirky catch phrases are cute. The CBS analyst started screaming out words like “Onions!” during a time that Stuart Scott and other ESPN greats began coining catch phrases on Sports Center. Raftery is a great commentator, and we love the guy. But there just isn’t a need for Tourette-like outbursts every time someone makes a decent bucket in the middle of a second round game.


  1. Don’t count on Virginia to repeat history. As the first #1 seed to ever fall to a 16 seed last year, look for the Cavs and Coach Tony Bennett to make a deep run into this year’s tournament. Sorry Gardner Webb, this one will not be pretty, as the Cavs have something to prove.


  1. Don’t write off Georgia State, Montana, Belmont or Murray State in the first round. If you are looking for upsets, these 14, 15, 11 and 12 seeds are well-coached and poised to cause trouble for teams looking ahead in the first round.  (Note: Checkout Murray State’s Ja Morant if you get a chance to watch).


  1. Don’t overlook how inviting the East bracket looks for Duke. The top team in the nation has few threats looming in the early rounds, with an inevitable showdown in the Elite 8 against the 2 seed, Michigan State. However, how sweet would it be to see a second round challenge from the Knights?


  1. Don’t miss the Bobby Hurley show. Yes, that Bobby Hurley from Duke, who won two national titles as a player. Now the coach at Arizona State, will have a play-in game with St. Johns, led by none other than the legendary Chris Mullin. And should Hurley’s Sun Devils get past St. Johns—look for a showdown with a Buffalo team he helped recruit as the former coach.


  1. Don’t think this can’t be Gonzaga’s year. Sure, they are coming off of a major upset loss against Saint Mary’s, but wins against Duke and narrow losses to Tennessee and North Carolina show that Coach Mark Few’s bunch may finally be due for a title run.


  1.  Don’t go to work during Thursday’s and Friday’s first round games. This is arguably the best day of the year for sports fanatics, jammed packed with 32 games and filled with upsets, bracket busters and “shining moments.” At the very least, make sure your phone or PC is out of the boss’s line of sight during your work day.


  1. Don’t miss a chance to see some games. If you live in the Florida Keys, a drive (or flight) to Jacksonville for the first and second rounds will offer an unforgettable experience. Maryland, Belmont, LSU and Yale will produce at least one nail-biter … if not three memorable games.


  1. Don’t allow your hatred for Duke to cause you to miss Zion Williamson. When you are watching this guy in the NBA next season (and hoping your team can draft him), you will wish you had witnessed the 6-foot-7 freshman put on a show in his only season as a college player. There are few Zion Williamsons who come along — and this kid is special.

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