Reaching out without touching

We’ve been in Georgia staying with my in-laws for almost two weeks now. It’s been wonderful visiting and with nearly 10 acres,  is probably the best place the kids could be at the moment.

It’s strange though, in these times, being so far away from our little island and all our friends. But what’s stranger, of course, is that it wouldn’t matter if we were there — we couldn’t hang out or hug each other anyway.

Speaking of strange, my almost 3-year-old daughter (who speaks pretty fluent English) decided to communicate here mostly in tongues; including a dolphin-hyena hybrid of a cackle every time she thinks something is remotely funny. She’s started to slowly return to actual words and I oddly find myself missing her nonsensical babble. My lovely, low-key and very conservative father-in-law was privy to me opening a text from a friend on full volume that was just one of the hysterically inappropriate meme type videos going around — this one in particular referencing donuts and oral sex… (Insert face smash emoji).

I also decided this trip is the time to once and for all give up my semi-closeted smoking habit cold turkey, which, given the turn of events of the world since being here, could either  be genius or the dumbest idea I’ve ever had.

I think a lot about all of you, even if we’ve never met. I wonder how you are doing. How you are feeling. What sort of things are getting you through the day?

Seemingly out of nowhere, I had my first proper cry yesterday. And I probably didn’t even let myself go as much as I could have. This morning as I write I’m mentally feeling better. This afternoon, who knows? Which again makes me think about all of you.

I’ve found moving my body makes me feel better. The first week I started with some light yoga stretching in the morning. Yesterday I joined my former personal trainer girlfriend on Facetime (who I witnessed leaving the hospital after giving birth to her two girls with her six-pack abs intact) and did about 25 minutes of body weight exercises. It felt so good. Naturally I woke up today and can’t bend down to use the potty.

We’re thinking about heading back soon, driving straight through the night to avoid any unnecessary stops and encounter the least number of people possible when one of the three kids has to inevitably pee for the 76th time in the first hour.

I’m looking forward to seeing that Welcome to Key West sign, but I’m not sure I’m prepared for the quiet of our normally bustling island.

When this is all over, fully expect a big ol’ bear hug from me, whether you know me or not.

Until then, stay safe, Key West. And be smart. XOXO.

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