Starting today, through the weekend, there’s a great contest going on in Marathon. Its sole purpose is to support our struggling servers and restaurants.

The contest is sponsored by the Marathon Chamber of Commerce, Promotions Guy and the law firm of Wolfe & Stevens.

Here’s how it works:

  • Take a picture of the food you ordered, or the delivery person bringing the food.
  • Post the picture on the Marathon Chamber of Commerce’s Facebook page.
  • Hashtag it: #GreaterMarathonChamberofCommerce
  • Post it.

There’s only one rule — the restaurant must be a member of the chamber. Visit the chamber website to find a complete list qualifying restaurants.

Of course, there are prizes. There will be a drawing each day for March 26-29 and someone will win a $50 gift card. On the last day, March 30, all contestants will be entered in a drawing for the $100 gift card grand prize.

Capiche? Bon appetit!

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