Hello friends, Reef the fox here for another weekly edition of  “Reef’s Report.”

My friends at MarrVelous Pet Rescue are gearing up for their 10th annual “Spayghetti and No Balls Gala” at Snooks Bayside on Nov. 12. I borrowed my mom’s laptop to look at tickets and the VIP tables are going fast. Some are even sold out already. 

If you want to get tickets you better hurry. You can go to spayghetti.com to get yours! (Just a side note, I know all about the “no balls” thing. I had to wear the cone of shame for three weeks because of it. It was no fun)!

The mission of MarrVelous Pet Rescues Inc, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is to provide immediate, necessary counsel, care and treatment for animals abandoned, stray or in need. They seek temporary shelter in foster homes until permanent adoption into a compatible, loving, and caring home is achieved. MarrVelous promotes education for responsible animal care, spay and neuter, microchipping and training.

Rainbow Reef Dive Center is hosting the September Dive Against Debris event Friday, Sept. 17 with the PADI Aware Foundation. PADI AWARE is an international marine conservation organization that works with volunteer divers to empower agents of positive change for the ocean. If you would like to reserve a spot you can call the dive shop at (305)-451-7171. Although my name is Reef, I prefer staying on land. This fox is not a fan of water. When mom has to give me a bath I throw quite the fit which includes screaming at the top of my foxy lungs.

Another cool event to help the environment is happening this week is the first annual By Land and Sea Marine Debris Cleanup Tournament on Saturday, Sept. 18 down at the Postcard Inn. Shoreline Restoration Services is hosting this one and you do have to register for it at srstournaments.org, but I see there are prizes. I love prizes. I especially love tearing apart brand new toys that mom gives me. She brought home a huge lamb chop toy the other day and I had the squeaker removed in under 30 minutes. Not my best time on squeaker removal, but I’m working on it. 

Now for some Fox News. My little sister, Coral, and I got some brand new ramps and platforms built this past weekend in our huge outdoor enclosure. Coral and I both jumped from the tippy top and scared mom really good. You can keep up with all of our shenanigans if you go to our website and click the social media links in the footer. pawsitivebeginnings.org

If anyone has any fox related questions you can always email me at [email protected] and I will answer them here the following week! I told mom I need my own personal email, and I got one! I am a VIF (very important fox).
That’s all for this week’s Reef Report, I hope you enjoyed it. Until next week, Reef, over and out!

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