Tribal band brings hits to Key West Theater

This might be the first time that Rusted Root, a nationally known touring band, has played in Key West — but it certainly isn’t the first time the Pittsburg-based band has been to Key West. “We try to make if down there to get some swimming and drinking in whenever we are in Florida,” said Rusted Root founder, songwriter, and front man Michael Glabicki. “We will be making a vacation out of our stay.”

Rusted Root will be playing Key West Theater, one of the hottest new concert venues in town, on Monday and Tuesday, March 21-22 at 8 p.m.

“I am so happy our town is getting more national acts down here,” said Cudjoe Key resident and Rusted Root super fan Karen Moore, who already has her tickets bought for the event. She’s been following the band’s feel good music since she was in college. “I especially love the uniqueness of their sound, not to mention Michael’s voice it just so cool. The songs transport you somewhere else in the world.”

The band’s reach stretches two decades, hitting big in the early ’90s with the Top 40 hit “On My Way.” That song alone has stretched their fan base by being featured in movies like “Ice Age,” “Twister,” and “Matilda” and recently was featured in an Enterprise Rent-A-Car commercial. “It’s cool because kids and teenagers are fans of ours because of the movies,” said Glabicki.

Concert goers love the tribal, upbeat dance songs like “Ecstasy,” and “In Our Sun” and the ritual, holistic music like “Beautiful People.” “We have been working on a new sound, too, like with our modern ‘Monkey Pants’ and ‘Save Me,’” he said.

Rusted Root changes the show each night, and jives off the crowd’s mojo to create a playlist. “Our songs are performed differently each night with intention,” he said. “The crowd is who brings meaning to the songs.”

As a songwriter, Glabicki finds inspiration anywhere and doesn’t necessarily seek it out. “Instead of writing about my experiences, I try to gravitate toward where we are all together as one,” he said. “The intention is to write healing, spiritual music that people want to get wrapped up in.”

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