Body Language’s Stacey Smith has a studio full of girls mastering the beginnings of cheerleading. SARA MATTHIS/Keys Weekly

Stacey Smith just celebrated her one-year anniversary at the owner of Body Language Studio in Marathon. On a recent Wednesday, she had a class of little girls learning the basics of cheerleading; a passion close to Smith’s own heart.

“I was a gymnast from a very young age all the way up into my twenties,” Smith said. She got away from the sport for a while, but was convinced by the studio’s former owner, Rachel Glover, to come teach. “And I just fell in love all over again.”

When Glover moved away last year, Smith assumed the reins. Naturally, the studio is operating differently not only because of its new leadership, but also because of the pandemic. 

“On Tuesday and Thursday I teach group classes and leave Monday, Wednesday and Friday for private classes,” she said. “Some parents aren’t comfortable sending their children to interact with other children, and that’s perfectly understandable.”

So, what does she teach? A little bit of everything. 

Cheerleading, as mentioned, plus gymnastics, tap, ballet, hiphop, lyrical and jazz. 

At this time of year, Smith would be transitioning to a fall schedule where classes would begin after school lets out and stretch into the early evening. She said she’s putting that off for a while. 

“With the school year starting virtual, I would imagine many parents will want to continue on the summer schedule. I will continue to have the group classes and private classes for the time being,” she said. “When the fall schedule does begin, I’ll be offering daily classes and private lessons.”

Body Language Studio is located at 5998 Overseas Highway. For more information, see Facebook (search “bodylanguage.studiomarathon”) or call 305-942-3107.

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