The 2020 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees were announced this week, setting off a social media firestorm as many questioned the selection process and the true definition of “Rock and Roll.” Regardless, on May 2, The Doobie Brothers, Depeche Mode, Whitney Houston, Nine Inch Nails, The Notorious B.I.G. and T. Rex will all join a legendary list of timeless musicians. And while much of the selection process is subjective to the ever evolving artistry around the rock genre, there is always plenty of room for debate on those who have yet to receive a ticket to Cleveland’s Public Auditorium. After all, with all due respect to Depeche Mode, are we really giving them the nod over the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, John Coltrane and Peter Frampton? Typically, we reserve our top 10s for a slice of humor, but this week our Weekly staff weighs in on….

The Top 10 All-Time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Snubs

10. OutKast: It was so easy to define hip-hop and rap movements, until two dope Atlanta boys in a Cadillac forever changed the game.

9. Jane’s Addiction: If you have ever seen them live, you know why they belong in the HOF. Perry Farrell, Dave Navarro and company are as unique as it gets.

8. Ozzy Osbourne: Snubbed for 15 years. It’s hard to say “Rock and Roll” without picturing this guy.

7. Rage Against the Machine: Changed rock forever. They weren’t the first to combine heavy metal, rock and rap themes. But they did it unlike anyone ever had.

6. Jethro Tull: Snubbed for 27 years. If they belong in conversations as one of the best ever, they belong in the HOF.

5. Judas Priest: Greatest metal band of all time? Arguably. And did we mention they have sold over 50 million albums?

4. Soundgarden: Snubbed for a ninth year, the late Chris Cornell and company defined the grunge movement in the early ’90s.

3. Pat Benatar: Do we really need to explain this one? A music icon who defined an era.

2. Dave Matthews Band: No matter where you stand on Dave, he and his band are the first to win the Rock HOF fan vote and miss out on an induction.

1. John Coltrane: He’s won a Pulitzer and a Lifetime Achievement Grammy. His influence on all music, including rock, is immeasurable.

(Honorable Mentions: Iron Maiden, Mary J. Blige, Tool, Kate Bush, Sonic Youth, Pixies and Warren Zevon.)

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