What did you decide today?

Interesting question, right? Most people live on autopilot. They wake up, have their coffee, take care of pets, children, or other people, maybe work out, (hopefully) shower and roll on with their day.

It’s unlikely that they think about what they wish to get better at, change, or affect. Most of us may have a to-do list, but they could be simple things — take the garbage out, do the dishes, feed the dogs — and not have a goal or intention behind them.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish,” said Antoine de Saint Exupéry.

How can you start to incorporate your goals into your daily plan? How can you decide to take action in a life-changing direction? At the end of June, I decided to start a healthy eating program on July 6. I decided to take control of my eating habits. I realized that I was on autopilot. I woke up and realized what I was doing.  

That and a whole lot of “I deserve”. Do you do that too? “I deserve these cookies?” “I deserve that glass of wine (or two).” When you are operating on autopilot, days go by, and then suddenly you look in the mirror and have a WTF moment. I had mine, and I am so glad I did.

And this thought process and mindset shift aren’t just about eating healthy. It could be about your business, your job or a relationship. Something you are just going through the motions on and it’s not getting better. It’s not moving you in a positive direction, or even fill you up with positive energy,

Change only happens when you do it! Seems simple right? But not always easy. How can you decide to make a change? What do you need to decide about in your life? Here are some simple but not always easy steps:

  1. Recognize what you are doing. Most of us know, we just try to ignore it or make excuses about it. Excuses hold you back in life. I knew I had to make a change and the options I heard about didn’t fit for me. Instead of making that an excuse, I got some help and a perfect choice came my way. As a coach, I hear excuses all the time. It’s the reason you are stuck.
  2. Think of the times you did achieve something and how that happened. Did you have a strong why in regard to wanting to make the change? What was your motivation? When you get grounded in a past win and can use that as fuel, that helps you realize you can do it.  

As the very lovely and powerful Glinda from The Wizard of Oz said, “You always had the power, my dear.”

  1. Get going! Every day of your life is an incredible opportunity. Don’t let it pass you by. Come up with a plan, make the call, purchase what you need to purchase. 

Remember, you have that power. Only you. People can try to influence you or support you. But it’s your life and your mind that has to come to terms with the fact you were on auto-pilot and decide to freaking do it!I want to hear about your wins! Contact me directly, [email protected], so I can help you celebrate or join my private FB group Good Vibes. If you need help making a plan of action, or changing your eating, let me know.

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