10. You can’t name more than two of the nine justices, but you suddenly started working the phrase  “Daubert standard” into your social media rants.

9. Until last week, you thought RBG was a backup quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens.

8. You have no idea what the Supreme Court does.

7. You think the Judiciary Committee is tainted because that “one woman isn’t even from America.” 

6. After a few beers, you still argue that Judge Harry T. Stone is “the greatest symbol of justice  of our generation.” (Kudos to you youngsters who know who Judge Harry is without the Google machine). 

5. You’ve been known to refer to your private parts as the “The Chief Justice.”

4. You couldn’t care less about who is nominated, as long as they finally trade in the black robes for some patterned Louis Vuitton.

3. You’ve been known to refer to your private parts as “The Judicial Branch.” (We can do this one all day.)

2. You’ve “never been a big fan of the Constitution” unless it bolsters your current political diatribe on Facebook. 

1. You think the Supreme Court would be cooler if they turned it into a reality television show.

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